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  1. s.molinari

    Is it XenForo or xenForo?

    Hi, Being the hardcore stickler for standardization I am, I was wondering why the logo is "xenForo", with a small "x", and everywhere else you see "XenForo" with a capital "X". Is there a reason why the logo has a small "x"? What is the correct way to write XenForo? XenForo or xenForo? Why I...
  2. s.molinari

    Duplicate Improve the thread title correction

    I think in general the thread title "shouting" correction, where shouting (i.e. ALL CAPITAL LETTERS) isn't allowed and corrected needs rethinking. My suggestion is, it should simply check for a certain number of capital letters, say 10 capital letters in a row, and then revert to the Title or...
  3. s.molinari

    Improve the User Banner function

    I'd like to make a suggestion. I just had a WTF experience with this function and yeah, you could chalk it up to my "stupidity" or inexperience, but I'd still like to suggest the following improvement. I wanted to use this function and couldn't for the life of me get the banners to show up...
  4. s.molinari

    Caching for

    Hi, Does the web server have a caching system in front of it like Varnish or Squid or any other type caching HTTP reverse proxy? Scott
  5. s.molinari

    But a question first - Is it really necessary to confirm unwatching a thread?

    Is it? I'd say just change the text of the link back to "Watch this thread". Also need an easy way to unwatch a thread in the watched thread list.:) I know, it's two suggestions.:rolleyes: Scott
  6. s.molinari

    [Implemented, kinda] Pagination in a thread, uh conversation

    Hi, I am actually used to it now, but at first I was answering with the quick reply with no quote thinking the thread was finished, because the pagenation was below the quick reply editor. I just didn't see it. So if there were more replies (pages) my reply would end up a couple of pages later...
  7. s.molinari

    Lack of interest Summerize the Alerts

    Hi, What do I mean? (and maybe I don't really understand the alerts....) The alerts show me new messages made in all the threads I am watching. It would be nice to have the answers that made alerts from the same threads be grouped or summerized, so you can basically get alerted better about...