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  1. Ivar

    Enhanced Search newbie questions

    Hi all, I run a forum with about 50.000 members and 400.000 posts and have been looking at the Enhanced Search plugin. A few newbie questions: 1) This only speeds up the backend, right? No new features or front end differences? 2) Does this plugin add an API or any new way of presenting...
  2. Ivar

    RM 1.2 Resource Manger Home

    Hi all, My users are not really happy with the resource manager home page. As it is now (default install) resource are listed "by date" added. Question: Is there an easy way (template edit for example) change the list of recent resource with a list of the resource categories? (Like the forum...
  3. Ivar

    XF 1.4 Blacklist?

    Hi there, I am running Xenforo 1.4.3. I have had some members getting a message about being on a BlackList (see photo below). These are well known members, so we can safely say that these are false positives. They have been members of the forum for years, so this is not related to the sign up...
  4. Ivar

    XF 1.3 Re-set passwords not working

    Hi there, Lately my users have had problems resetting their passwords. They get the new password e-mailed to them, but it is not working. Users have told me that they have done the password reset 4-5 times, and it never works. I have had 5-6 cases where I have tried to reset their password in...
  5. Ivar

    XF 1.3 Editor not loading in Safari (every other browser ok)

    Hi there, Thanks for great help with earlier questions. This one has been a problem in my forum for some time. The post editor does not seem to load in the Safari browser... well, it seems to load some time, but not always. Users tell me that if they refresh 4-5 times it loads. When it does...
  6. Ivar

    XF 1.3 Sign up - 404 error

    Hi there, I am running on 1.3.1 and my sign up process does not work anymore. 1) New users tries to sign up as seen below: 2) When you press "Sign up" you see this: Any ideas? Thanks! Ivar
  7. Ivar

    XF 1.2 Please check your server that handles PayPal Instant Payment Notifications

    Hi there, I am using PayPal for User Upgrades. Everything seems to work just fine, the payments go through just fine and the user is upgraded correctly. But still, I am getting these e-mails from PayPal with regular intervals: At first I did not take any notice, since everything worked. But...
  8. Ivar

    XF 1.2 Hide "Rich Text Editor" buttons?

    Hi there, Quick question, is it possible to hide some of the buttons in the Rich Text Editor? ..I am looking to hide the text color button and the increase/decrease text size buttons. Thanks! Ivar
  9. Ivar

    XF 1.2 "HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden" in some forums

    Hi there, Thanks for a great software. So much better than what I used before. Over the last two days I have gotten Crawl Errors from Google. Not in all forums, but some.... today Webmaster tools shows about 14.000 pages with this problem. One example: URL...
  10. Ivar

    XF 1.2 "New Posts" vs "Recent Posts"

    Hi there, Over in my forum we are having a discussion on what this means in Xenforo... my users (and me) are used to the phpbb3 "New Topics" and "View Active topics". I thought I understood the difference, but looking my my installation of Xenforo, I am a bit confused... as are my users...
  11. Ivar

    XF 1.2 Online Status

    Hi there, I have just converted a 25.000 member phpbb3 forum over to Xenforo... transition was perfect! I have a memeber asking me about "Online Status". I see there is a checkbox for it and the user has turned it off (unchecked the box). I have confirmed this in the admin panel, it is off...
  12. Ivar

    XF 1.2 Redirect question (phpbb w/phpbbSEO)

    Hi there, First of all, congratulations on a great forum product! I have been a phpbb user for the last 10 years, but have lately have had a lot of problems upgrading and keeping it up to date, so recently bought a licence for Xenforo. Did a test import (25.000 users, 145.000 posts) and it...