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  1. zeropaid

    Amazon Parser All

    Sounds like a great plugin, but why not add a listener so we don't have to install 2 plugins?
  2. zeropaid

    XF 1.4 Show all threads by last activity after clicking on tab

    I have several main nodes that have 3-5 sub nodes. When a user clicks on a tab it takes them to sub nodes list but I would like to display all the threads from it's children with the sub nodes listed above. Is this possible?
  3. zeropaid

    XF 1.4 Hide Members Tab

    I didn't really want to modify any templates. This should be a setting in Users. It's really pointless and has not business being in the main navigation.
  4. zeropaid

    XF 1.4 Hide Members Tab

    How do you hide the members tab while keeping the functionality of the member page? I'm using UI.X theme.
  5. zeropaid

    [iFlatTheme.Com] - New Thread Button In Thread

    This addon is silly, should be a simple template modification and shouldn't require branding.
  6. zeropaid

    XF 1.3 How to maintain font color/face consistency?

    Appears this is only for new message. I'm looking to parse out old and new messages. What is the best way to do this?
  7. zeropaid

    XF 1.3 How to maintain font color/face consistency?

    I have several users that love to use reds, blues and yellows and 3 different font sizes in posts. I would like to standardize the font color and limit the font size in all posts. I hate having 3 different colors and sizes in a thread. Is it possible to filter font colors on output to only...
  8. zeropaid

    Move all discussions in one node to another

    Is this still the only way? I have several dead nodes and I want to move all the messages to the parent node. Why not have an option in the delete node popup to move all messages to the parent node?
  9. zeropaid

    Lack of interest Show member card overlay when clicking user name on Notable Members page

    If you're browsing and click one of the users, Xenforo doesn't prompt the typical user popup. I was browesing my forum and noticed I couldn't easily follow the top members.
  10. zeropaid

    [bd] Tag Me for XenForo 1.3

    Feature Idea: would be nice to only show users that have more than 0 posts. I have a large forum and the drop down when I user starts typing is made up of garbage.
  11. zeropaid

    Add-on Dead link checker

    Any update on this?
  12. zeropaid

    Mobile Style

    Looking forward to it. I was hesitating purchasing one of the mobile themes here. I'm glad the team sees the need for this.
  13. zeropaid

    Mobile Style

    Do you have a release date?
  14. zeropaid

    Lack of interest Realtime / Autoupdate Alerts

    @kier Thanks for clarifying this.
  15. zeropaid

    Duplicate Alerts | Updating the page title to show new alerts

    So it basically creates a meta tag to refresh the page? Lame. This could be a very nice feature in the future for xenforo.
  16. zeropaid

    Duplicate Alerts | Updating the page title to show new alerts

    @russ is just refreshing the page or is it dynamically updating the title?
  17. zeropaid

    Duplicate Alerts | Updating the page title to show new alerts

    Is it possible to update the page title using ajax to show that a new alert has been received? I hate to use Facebook as an example, but they are a good one for this particular request. :) For example, if I had a 3 new alerts while my browser window was open, the tab would read: "ABC Forums (3)
  18. zeropaid

    XF 1.1 SEO: Handling external links

    @brogan, is there a way to turn this on for all external links?
  19. zeropaid

    XF 1.1 SEO: Handling external links

    I've noticed that in my posts when a user posts a link to an external link, rel='external nofollow' is not attached to links. Since my domain is high ranking, spammers see this as a dangling carrot. What is the best way to handle external links in xenForo?
  20. zeropaid

    Consistent Font Size

    I'm curious as well if it's possible to not allow the output of font faces and size in the thread output. As well as remove these options from the WYSIWYG.