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  1. EgyKit

    XF 1.2 Getting php error after enabling automatic_serialization in cache file

    Hello, I'm getting unserialize() error after enabling automatic_serialization in config file $config['cache']['frontendOptions'] = array('caching' => true, 'automatic_serialization' => true, 'lifetime' => 10800, 'cache_id_prefix' => 'xf_' ); An exception...
  2. EgyKit

    Not a bug Missing cache rebuilder files in CacheRebuilder directory

    I've noticed that many files are missing in the new xenforo version 1.2 in CacheRebuilder directory, almost all files public static $builders = array( 'AdminTemplate' => 'XenForo_CacheRebuilder_AdminTemplate', 'DailyStats' => 'XenForo_CacheRebuilder_DailyStats'...
  3. EgyKit

    Browser issue Breadcrumb not showing properly in FireFox

    I've noticed that breadcrumb is not showing properly as it was before in firefox "using latest 19.0.2" See attached images: I didn't review the new code that may has been changed in templates, but I think this maybe a CSS changes! I took a screenshot from my forum "left to right view"...
  4. EgyKit

    Why can't add comments to any resource here on xenforo?

    I just noticed that I'm not able to add any comment here in any XenForo add-on resource?
  5. EgyKit

    Not a bug Session flood issue

    Hello, Today I had very high cpu and memory load reaching 100% by an attacker, after some viewing the database during the high load I noticed that the session table is filled up with thousands of session entries from the same IP with the same data except the sessionStart in the session_data...
  6. EgyKit

    Why xenforo doesn't have postparsed table to save queries?

    Is there any add-on to save parsed posts in a temporary table like vbulletin because this is very useful when we have some add-ons that execute multiple queries with every page load! I could save about 200 queries with this option on vbulletin because I use custom add-on that shorten external...
  7. EgyKit

    Does xenforo 1.2 will include tag system by default?

    Is there any official thread for upcoming features in the new xenforo version 1.2? and what about tag system like vbulletin offer, I saw the thread tag add-on but it doesn't have the option to edit tag keywords in threads or auto fill option. Also the expected release date of 1.2 version was...
  8. EgyKit

    How to get thread and forum fields from attachment content_id

    How to get thread, forum fields from attachment content_id and how to get thread breadcrumb like it appear in parent attachment thread? Thanks.
  9. EgyKit

    How to register variables custom template with specific conditions

    Please I need help creating custom template and register it's variables according to special conditions, e.g in threads I want to get thread owner custom fields and use it in that template and at the same time add this template to page_container_breadcrumb_top hook. And in every page on the...
  10. EgyKit

    Mysqli statement execute error : Field 'fieldname' doesn't have a default value

    Hello, I have a problem deleting entry from a custom table, I get this error Mysqli statement execute error : Field 'email' doesn't have a default value These are the table fields structure: email VARCHAR(120) NOT NULL, emailconfirm_key VARCHAR(16) NOT...
  11. EgyKit

    How to add custom input filter to extended class?

    I want to add a custom input filter to actionRegister() function This is my code: protected function _getRegisterFormResponse(array $fields, array $errors = array()) { $response = parent::_getRegisterFormResponse($fields, $errors); $response->params +=...
  12. EgyKit

    I'm confused with the way that xenforo work! totally different from VB

    Hello, I'm a new member here and I'm interested in moving to xenforo software but I'm confused because I don't understand how to modify default xenforo codes by hook system like I used to do in vbulletin :( How to add code to modify xenforo code without changing the default code by using...