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  1. nektarios

    XF 2.2 No Install App button

    Hi guys. I cannot display the "Install App" button on the off canvas menu unless I modify the PAGE_CONTAINER template by removing style="display: none;" in the following line: div class="offCanvasMenu-installBanner js-installPromptContainer" style="display: none;" data-xf-init="install-prompt">...
  2. nektarios

    XF 2.1 Meta titles like xenforo forum

    Hi. I see that all xenforo meta titles for forums and threads are of the form <title> | <page> | xenforo comminty How do i that? My meta titles do not have the page element thus producing duplicate meta titles. Thank you.
  3. nektarios

    XF 2.1 User's profle with status awaiting email confirmation not viewable

    Hi. I have a user with several posts whose state for some reason (probably he changed his email without confirmation) is awaiting email confirmation. His profile is not viewable to unregistred users (and therefore google bots). Is there a solution for that? Thank you.
  4. nektarios

    XF 2.1 Need a guide for php callback widget

    Hi. I'm trying to find a guide or some help for creating a php callback widget. I tried the documentation but I cannot see anything specific there. Even when I try to create a new php widget the help I get from the screen presented is really minimal. Can you please tell me where to start? I'm...