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  1. andret

    Add-on Wordpress Connect

    Hey all! I need an addon that will let people sign up to xenforo using their wordpress account. The wordpress install have a oauth provider plugin, so I am confident it should be possible to write something that works much like the Sign in trough Facebook button. If however, I have...
  2. andret

    Can't submit new posts + Home button missing

    Couple of days ago, my xenforo at stopped letting people submit any kind of posts, exept status updates. I run suPHP, tried with suEXEC, and without. Requirement script say I should have all needed stuff. At the same time as the board started breaking, the home button...
  3. andret

    Developer installation

    Hey:) Ive been using xenforo on my site for some month now with 3rdparty styles and addons, but latly I have found myself in need of some custom modification. Since I use several computers in my work, I was wondering if it is okay to install a developer/test forum at for instance...