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  1. Rettep

    XF 2.1 Changing navigation icons

    Simple question? How do I change theses icons in the navigation bar?
  2. Rettep

    XF 2.1 Usergroup colors

    So i've read the guides here but it dosen't work for me. Idk if i'm doing something wrong. I want to create a usergroup, and add a color to it si it changes here: As I mentioned i've tried to follow @Brogan s guides but it dosen't work... Where and what am I supposed to write to add a...
  3. Rettep

    XF 2.1 Home page viewing news from forum

    Hello! I've seen this on other websites, and I wonder if that's an addon or something I can do. Basiclly in the forums, there is a section called "News & Announcements". Everytime something is posted there. It will also display at the homepage, kinda like a blog. And if you click on a post...
  4. Rettep

    XF 2.1 Changing forum node icons

    Hello! I've searched around here to find a solution. I have done it before, but forgot now on how to do it. I want to change the icons in my forum: I remembered that I put a template in extra.less , but I can not seem to find the exact template. What I can find here on the forums is just on...
  5. Rettep

    XF 2.1 Username Colors

    Hello! I wonder how I can make it so that in the forum nodes "Latest Post" were it says user posted ("Thread Title") by "User" i want the user to have colors depening on their usergroup. Owner = red, admin = blue and so on.. Thanks
  6. Rettep

    XF 2.1 Usergroup pictue tag

    Hello, I wonder how I can change the normal standard rank indicator (the one that says rank and color around it) to a rank image?
  7. Rettep

    XF 2.1 Code help

    Hello! Can you please tell me why this code works: /* #### User Banners #### */ .userBanner.userBanner--Owner { &:before { .m-faBase(); .m-faContent(@fa-var-star); padding-right: 4px; } } But this doesn't: /* #### User Banners #### */...
  8. Rettep

    XF 2.1 Change background?

    Hello! I got a simple question, I want a picture that I have on my PC to be the background of my entire website. How do I do that? A picture that stays as it is when you scroll down the page. This might be a simple question but I'm new with XenForo. Thanks!
  9. Rettep

    XF 2.1 Add profile counts under avatar

    Hello! Simple question, how do I add so that in a thread, under the profile pic and user groups, it will show info such as post counts and so on?