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  1. frankdavis

    Disable ability to download videos

    Maybe it is possible but i can not see how, it would be good to have download video from player an option to control in permissions.
  2. frankdavis

    Add-on User Check Agreement Statement When Posting

    I need to be able to have my users check a box agreeing to post statement when posting. They select to post a thread, they enter their text and or attachments, they must also check a box agreeing to a short statement regarding their post. Simply they agree that the content they are posting is...
  3. frankdavis

    MG 2.1 Forums Imported vb4 to Xeneforo 2.1 - Now Want to Import User Albums

    I have everything in the forums imported and now have the media add on, I see the importer, just add the database info and it imports the vb4 user albums only without hurting any of the forum or new data since the import? Also, it is asking for the name of the import log - Have no idea what...
  4. frankdavis

    Player Shows But Gives Message if NO Permissions

    Would be awesome if the video player and thumb showed for users who did not have permissions but when clicking play get a specified message and ability for a call to action.
  5. frankdavis

    XF 2.1 Confirm User Emails

    My forum is old and I know there are thousands of bad emails in user profiles, is there a way to identify those and do something about it?
  6. frankdavis

    MG 2.1 Increase max execution?

    Getting this when uploading Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded src/XF/Image/Gd.php:40 Some save but not all if there is a lot of files, where can I increase this to more than 30 seconds?
  7. frankdavis

    MG 2.1 Uploading not redirecting once complete?

    When uploading content with the media addon and when it finishes uploading and I click save, it saves but stays on that page as if it did not. Does not redirect to the completed gallery? Suggestions?
  8. frankdavis

    Attachments Watermark Addon for XF2?

    I did see a link but when trying to go there it says I do not have permission. Can anyone point me to a watermark addon for XF2? For attachments?
  9. frankdavis

    XF 2.1 Anyone Import From Vb 5.4.3 to xenForo?

    I found a company that wants 950.00 to migrate my vb 5.4.3 forum to xenforo. I see there is an import addon but it does not say it supports vb5.4.3 only 5.3 - Apparently that is simply because it has not been tested. Has anyone used the import addon to transfer a large vb 5.4 into xenforo with...
  10. frankdavis

    XF 2.1 Language Installed But When Selected Nothing Happens

    I went to languages added some but when I select one the page reloads still in English, what am I doing wrong?