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  1. greenchicken

    Starting Over

    I have been in the forum business since 1999 I currently use XenForo 1.5.18 and have data back to 2006 with many bad links, defunct image hosting companies etc. Hundreds of deceased users, Thousands of abandoned accounts, Google hates me :) and I want to clean up my act. I have purchased the...
  2. greenchicken

    Add-on imgur add-on

    Still looking for an add-on to buy that allows you to upload images directly to your post. This would be simple for the brains here, not looking for anything free, looking for someone to add it to the resource manager and get paid for their work. I bought one years ago and it is still working...
  3. greenchicken

    Bouncing emails

    I have a very old forum that's been around since 1999 so of course many users have bad email addresses.. I have tried sending them pm's some answer some never answer or fix anything... I don't want to ban people but I have almost 40k members and would love a solution for this... any ideas...
  4. greenchicken


    I don't think this is a Xenforo this is a me problem... Since this morning, The AJAX has not been working on only my pc, when I post a message it just sits there but when I check the message posts. I know this is not a forum wide issue on my site because people would be complaining.... Even...
  5. greenchicken

    XF 1.5 help

    I am trying to upgrade from 1.43 to 1.52 and then I am going to renew to get version 2 but I am getting this error stuck and my board is down message_user_info.css - Line 80: Invalid math expression
  6. greenchicken

    XF 1.4 Google ads on login page

    Can someone tell me how to disable google ads only on the login in page? Google feels the need to disable my account since 2004 as a result...
  7. greenchicken

    Other Conditional to force usergroup to style

    can you use a conditional to force usergroup to style and make it go back to the default style if the user is no longer in that usergroup?
  8. greenchicken

    XF 1.1 Getting ready to buy a second license

    Ok here is what I have.... I currently have a vbull 4 in location blah/forum and of course it needs to stay there while I am converting the Vbull to Xen in say blah/xen , once everything is converted and I want to get rid of vb... How do I make XEN work in the folder that Vbull was in? of...
  9. greenchicken


    I intended to use my license on my large forum (1.1 mil posts @32k members) But decided to use it for a smaller sports forum I have. I love the way Xen moves, it's fast , it's clean and the mods are fairly easy once you learn the curve. I like every thing about XEN except the advertising...
  10. greenchicken

    XF 1.1 query to set all to receive notifications

    Want to reset it for my whole forum, anyone know the query? TIA
  11. greenchicken

    XF 1.1 Youtube

    I imported my forum and all of the posts with youtube look like this [video=youtube;GzesqlQyf5Q] How do I fix this so the videos appear in the post?
  12. greenchicken

    XF 1.1 Paid Subscriptions

    Ok I am Converting from VB4 On VB4 I used paid subs where people could buy out of advertising.... I know how the templates work but how do I exclude certain usergroups from seeing those ads I created? Thanks
  13. greenchicken

    Ad Options

    Header? In Post itself? Between 1st and 2nd post? 160 wide side columns? Are all of these available. How about importer from VB 4.20? Will it be smooth for a forum with 1.1 million plus posts and 30k members? I really like the people behind this forum software and I think VB has gotten...
  14. greenchicken

    First Unread post

    I like clicking on a thread and it taking me to the first unread post.. Or am I doing something wrong?
  15. greenchicken

    Implemented Logician's WebTemplates

    Do you guys have any mods similar to this one? This basically lets you write your own custom html pages and uses the colors and theme of your forum as the wrapper..
  16. greenchicken

    Thinking about it ...

    Own a good sized forum on VB, was happy during the 3.x.x days but the 4.x.x. days are not impressing me and the 5.x.x. shots are a complete turnoff i am currently running 4.20 My forum has 31k members 1.1 Million posts Will I be able to convert this easily? Thanks