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  1. WalterBennet

    XF 2.1 Finding Older Posts

    I have a very old forum that I upgraded to Xenforo last year. One feature I'm sorely missing is an easy way to find older posts. For example, I have posts going back to 2001. if I wanted to find those, I'd have to go to my profile then manually navigate 10 pages back at a time to find the...
  2. WalterBennet

    XF 2.1 What's New change: Swapping OP avatar for latest post avatar

    In the What's New section, the first avatar you see on the left side is that of the original thread poster. However, that distinction becomes irrelevant over time (particularly for ancient threads), since what people really want to know when checking the What's New section is who the last person...
  3. WalterBennet

    XF 2.1 Style Coloring: Searching for 2 areas, can't find

    Hello and thanks in advance! I really have tried to trial-and-error my way around this, but have repeatedly failed. Any help or pointers would be appreciated: I am developing a dark theme, but in doing so I am running into some readability issues with some of the standard text. I cannot find...
  4. WalterBennet

    XF 2.1 How to Change Date and Time Styling

    Hello! I'm very new to Xenforo, but I have plenty of history modifying other similar boards. I know just enough to get myself into trouble. I'm looking for where in the templates for xf2.1 that I can modify how the date/time are displayed. By default it shows just the date as April 4, 2019 and...
  5. WalterBennet

    Issues Migrating from an ANCIENT SMF forum?

    My forum is close to 20 years old. It predates SMF, all the way back to YaBB. Should I anticipate any issues importing/converting the db to be friendly with Xenforo? Really love what I've seen, and would LOVE to make the leap, if it's feasible without breaking my large, ancient community...