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  1. PatPeter

    XF 2.1 Birthdays show up +6 hours ahead of time for CST users, even with timezone set to CST

    I have a birthdays module on my forums. I don't think there are any birthdays for today, but one of my moderators is seeing birthdays 6 hours ahead of time. He has his timezone set to -06:00 Central Time, and even when he opens my forums in Private/Incognito it still shows the birthdays in...
  2. PatPeter

    XF 2.1 How do I add Rebuild user caches as a cron job?

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to mirror a personally-managed database called roster with the user groups in XenForo. Here's an example of my query: UPDATE xenforo.xf_user xu LEFT OUTER JOIN roster.member rs ON (xu.user_id = rs.forums_id) SET user_group_id = 13, secondary_group_ids = "2,14,15" WHERE...
  3. PatPeter

    What good global Thread Prefixes do you use? What are the default Thread Prefixes in XF 2.1?

    Does XenForo come with any default thread prefixes? I'm completely refactoring my entire forums right now, and I'm trying to figure out what makes a good global thread prefix. These are the main thread prefixes my web admin set up for me 5 years ago: General Announcement News Sticky Misc...
  4. PatPeter

    Lack of interest "Enable edit history tracking and prune after X days" should be set to 0 by default

    "Enable edit history tracking and prune after X days" should be set to 0 by default because then admins of new installations can disable it manually if they want it. However, admins like myself that were not aware of this limitation find out that all the edit history that they believed was...
  5. PatPeter

    XF 1.4 Cannot use BBCode Editor, No Server Errors

    When I click "Use BB Code Editor", I get the following message: The following error occurred: Forbidden You don't have permission to access /index.php on this server. I am getting no server errors. Does anyone know how I can troubleshoot this otherwise?
  6. PatPeter

    Cannot add a [video] BBCode

    I'm trying to add a simple BBCode: <video width="100%" height="100%" autoplay> <source src="{text}" type="video/ogg" /> HTML5 video not supported. </video> But when I add it to a page with the format: I get this resulting mess of HTML: <video autoplay="">...
  7. PatPeter

    XF 1.4 Is it possible to hide all threads except for one in a forum?

    Alright, so I set up the permissions for guests and users of my forum to "View threads by others" Revoke and "View thread content" Revoke, but I want users to read a sticky for guidelines on how to post in this forum. It this possible?
  8. PatPeter

    XF 1.3 Default permissions for user groups

    Could someone please provide me with the default permissions for Unregistered / Unconfirmed, Registered, Moderating, and Administrative? My admin thought that permissions shouldn't be assigned to forums, and not to users, so he blanked out all permissions on every user group, and then started...
  9. PatPeter

    XF 1.3 Is it possible to have a .htaccesss rule to root the forum from a subdirectory?

    So basically, my forums are located in public_html/forums. On my website, this appears as The problem is this displays as Is it possible to define a .htaccess rule to redirect traffic to the root of my website to the /forums/...
  10. PatPeter

    XF 1.3 What is the format for regular expressions?

    I am trying to define a regular expression format for my text field, and it does not work. I'm assuming that it uses PCRE regular expression syntax, which I have confirmed is working. The documentation should be updated to specify this, or even give examples...