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  1. TheDJBrettHaley

    XF 2.1 ACP Error

    Hey, Anyone know how i can fix these error codes showing in the ACP? I know literally nothing about PHP, so i'm useless at trying to understand what's happened.. It appeared after installing a few addons and i've tried disabling and it's still happening. Any help would be appreciated. :)...
  2. TheDJBrettHaley

    XF 2.1 Meta data image?

    Hi, how do I get this picture changed to something? When i post on facebook it shows no image. or just ones on the homepage of my site. Thanks.
  3. TheDJBrettHaley

    XF 2.1 connecting with Facebook error

    Hiya, i keep getting an erorr when trying to get members go register or myself login with Facebook.. it says There is no valid connected account request available. Please try again. Anyone have any idea how to fix this? Kind of urgent! Thanks Brett
  4. TheDJBrettHaley

    Media addon for members to sell equipment.

    Hi guys. I need someone to make me a addon/page, where users can post pictures like eBay with a price and description and also a review if a user has brought an item.. I want it to be a page in the top menu bar so users wanting to look at the items for sale can click it and scroll through...