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  1. PatrickGER

    Buy Update

    Hullo! I want to buy upgrade extension, if the first Alpha release. When can we expect first alpha from XF2
  2. PatrickGER

    Update Email adress

    How to update Email adress on Costumerside?
  3. PatrickGER

    XF 1.4 User can't edit post

    Hi dude's! One user mean, she can't edit her posts. I tested her rights and i see seriously that she cant edit her´s posts. I think its a setting in the admincp, to give users more time to edit own posts, but i didnt find anythink. The only one what i found, was the free edit time. Can you...
  4. PatrickGER

    Other Need help to Import a Burning Board 4.0

    Need help to Import a Burning Board 4.0 with 26.000 posts. I search a cheap conversion service.
  5. PatrickGER

    Plan to BUy XF

    Hi, i plan to Buy XF, but how i can Import a Burning Board 4? I dont have vB or IPB.
  6. PatrickGER

    XF 1.1 Variable for Time

    What is the Variable for the actually Servertime? {time} and {date} was false :(!
  7. PatrickGER

    XF 1.1 IPB Memberimport

    Hey! Please Excuse my Bad english, but i have a Problem with the Import to XF 1.1 I am importing from WBB to IPB 3.4.3 and from IPB to XF. In the IPBoard, was all Members, but XF cant import the Members o.O I am the only one imported member. Without an Errorreport o.O o.O
  8. PatrickGER

    how to buy in other Country?

    How to Buy xF in a other Country (Germany)? Can i use the Service "Sofortüberweisung"? I think no? Hmmm 110$ in € = ~ 80€ and 80€+ XX Transfer Fee from Germany to England = ?? how to use a normal Banktransfer (Sparkasse) ? I need IBAN numbers or? And the Notifications? Bills? it send to...