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  1. Jo Fox

    XF 2.0 Please help a novice!

    How do I import smilies from my own PC? I mean things similar to this! But I want to have the library populated with such things that members can insert into their posts. Is there a tutorial somewhere that I haven't yet been able to find? XF is so brilliant at their tutorials.
  2. Jo Fox

    XF 1.5 "Participant Groups" in conversations

    Can anyone please tell me, is there an instructional document or video on how these work as I don't seem to be able to work it out!
  3. Jo Fox

    A Non-Profit Organisation needs a new Tech

    We're a moderately large and active forum with 20k members. Our Forum Tech decided to move on and left us in the lurch. Consequently we are looking for a new technical advisor for routine maintenance and upkeep. Nice friendly forum with not too much activity.
  4. Jo Fox

    Finding script in Admin CP

    Can someone please direct me to this piece of script in the Admin CP? library/config.php file I don't even know where to begin!
  5. Jo Fox

    Post configuration - how can I change it?

    I have this strange configuration in my forum and search though I might (both here and there!) I can't seem to find out how to change it. All the posts have this frame around them. Please, how the heck can I get rid of it? I've never seen it on any other XF forum!
  6. Jo Fox

    XF 1.1 How to increase number of characters in a post

    Can anyone direct me?
  7. Jo Fox

    Moderator training videos - where are they?

    I know somewhere on this site Kier has done some really great video tutorials showing how to access and use the mod tools. Can I find them? I've spent days looking all over and am slowly getting a fried brain! Please, somebody rescue me from the loony bin with a linkie! .
  8. Jo Fox

    ordering smilies

    Not quite sure where to put this so apologies if it's in the wrong place. It concerns smilies imported from my old vB site. I've been trying to dictate the order in which they show in the WYSIWYG editor page. Since this seemed to be ordered alphabetically I added a prefix to the Title which...