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  1. C Allingham

    XF 2.2 Any problems with this URL?

    People never cease to amaze me. They do things I never expected, like put a heart into a thread title which results in a URL like this: Here's a screenshot. Anything problematic about a URL like this? It's cute, but all I can think...
  2. C Allingham

    MG 2.1 Any cleanup required after Media Gallery uninstall?

    I installed Media Gallery earlier this year but my members never took to it, so I have disabled it but not uninstalled it. Does uninstalling also delete all the uploaded images? I hope so. Do I have to do any cleanup after uninstalling?
  3. C Allingham

    XF 2.2 Revisiting "placing ads at top of specific forums"

    Revisiting this post from 2015: I want to do the opposite. I want to show an ad on all pages in ONE node only. I updated the code like this but she don't work. <xf:if is="{$forum.node_id} == 63">...
  4. C Allingham

    XF 2.1 Help with search criteria via URL

    I've searched on this and played with this and still can't come up with what I want. I'm trying to write a search URL that shows all threads started by a user in a forum. This query shows posts by user K Kruger in node 71...
  5. C Allingham

    XF 2.1 Conditional statement not working

    Trying to use this conditional statement in an advertisement in Container content: Above on my forum list page. I'm guessing you can't use these xf statements in an ad? <xf:if is="$template == 'forum_list'"> Show test content... </xf:if> The page in question is My homepage...