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  1. zeropaid

    XF 1.4 Show all threads by last activity after clicking on tab

    I have several main nodes that have 3-5 sub nodes. When a user clicks on a tab it takes them to sub nodes list but I would like to display all the threads from it's children with the sub nodes listed above. Is this possible?
  2. zeropaid

    XF 1.4 Hide Members Tab

    How do you hide the members tab while keeping the functionality of the member page? I'm using UI.X theme.
  3. zeropaid

    XF 1.3 How to maintain font color/face consistency?

    I have several users that love to use reds, blues and yellows and 3 different font sizes in posts. I would like to standardize the font color and limit the font size in all posts. I hate having 3 different colors and sizes in a thread. Is it possible to filter font colors on output to only...
  4. zeropaid

    Lack of interest Show member card overlay when clicking user name on Notable Members page

    If you're browsing and click one of the users, Xenforo doesn't prompt the typical user popup. I was browesing my forum and noticed I couldn't easily follow the top members.
  5. zeropaid

    Duplicate Alerts | Updating the page title to show new alerts

    Is it possible to update the page title using ajax to show that a new alert has been received? I hate to use Facebook as an example, but they are a good one for this particular request. :) For example, if I had a 3 new alerts while my browser window was open, the tab would read: "ABC Forums (3)
  6. zeropaid

    XF 1.1 SEO: Handling external links

    I've noticed that in my posts when a user posts a link to an external link, rel='external nofollow' is not attached to links. Since my domain is high ranking, spammers see this as a dangling carrot. What is the best way to handle external links in xenForo?
  7. zeropaid - vBulletin migration

    I recently migrated my large 10+ yr old vBulletin installation over to xenForo. I wanted to share with the community my experience and reasons why I moved away from the platform. I also wanted to rule out any doubt about migrating from my the sluggish (vBulletin) platform. My Forum...