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  1. nacs

    Mass Delete Spam Users

    Amazing how well this simple mod works. I just deleted about 4300 users (yes really) with this plugin within minutes. Another nice thing is that unlike the "Spam cleaner" function, this actually wipes out all traces of the user instead of just deleting posts and leaving their user info...
  2. nacs

    Kotomi - Generic script bridge

    I'm trying to get the username of the person that is logged in and have not been successful. I've tried this code to debug: $visitor = XenForo_Visitor::getInstance(); $user_id = $visitor->getUserId(); if ($user_id != null) { echo "user"; } else { echo "guest"; } And it always...
  3. nacs

    Kotomi - Generic script bridge

    Thanks for making and sharing this great addon! I literally spent hours trying to get the MVC/route/view/template system of XF working with our custom app and ended up giving up after making very little progress. With this I was able to integrate my application into the XF style very...
  4. nacs

    Using the Xenforo header and footer with my own PHP files

    We have a PHP file we would like to do a simple include() on within the container of a Xenforo page. Basically, I would like our PHP page to be included so that the Xenforo header and footer is around it and is accessible from our What is the simplest way to do this? I...