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  1. Asher Kelman

    XF 2.1 How to search for all posts started by a member?

    In the search options, I don’t see the option for distinguishing between posts that are responses and the original post! How do we get just the post actually started by a member? Asher
  2. Asher Kelman

    XF Media Gallery developer wanted!

    I need to person experienced in XFMG to program customization for a photography forum. Has anyone here knowledge of such a useful person for Gallery mods? If you yourself fit this job, please reach out! Tell me what experience and skills you have suited to this project by a private...
  3. Asher Kelman

    XFMG: is it an internally designed part of XF?

    Who are the developers behind XFMG? Is it the work of the core team that created and manages XF? I would like customization but I can’t find someone who is even likely to be the author of this important asset! Can you clarify that so I can directly ask for the mods I have designed for my...
  4. Asher Kelman

    XF 2.0 Where does one put keywords?

    In setting up each new forum one is asked about “tabs”. I have designated a requirement for 3 but I don’t ever see where this requirement is implemented as I don’t see any dialog box for adding keywords. Or does “tabs” mean something entirely different. Asher