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  1. DeviateDefiant

    Honda Karma (Heavy Customisation)

    Well, it's been around 5 months of building and tweaking the site now. We're a Honda club based in the UK, the board was converted from a vBulletin 4 installation. The design is almost completely a ground-up build from scratch, tons of responsive tweaks and optimisations for retina support. I'm...
  2. DeviateDefiant

    XF 1.2 Find/Replace URLs in Posts (Regex/VBSEO)

    Morning, I'm in the middle of finalising a migration from vBulletin v4.2.2 which was utilising the defunct VBSEO plugin, it also includes a domain migration. I want to utilise Kier's Find & Replace plugin to replace the old internal links. I could leave them linking off-site and having the...