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    Thinking about XF, but a question first.

    EDIT: Thanks for the answers! Looks like I misunderstood the upgrade policy - I was thinking you had to pay the $40 to continue to use the old version as well (I was tired :P) Hello! I love XenForo, however there is one thing that makes me very nervous. I clicked "Buy" to see what came with...
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    Question about licenses

    Hello all, I had posted here a few months ago asking if a license could be transferred to another site provided it is only on one site at a time. You all gave me a great answer. My question though is: If a license "expires" will it still be usable? I know that you can't receieve updates (at...
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    What's your rating of Xenforo?

    Hello XenForo community! I was curious to find out: On a scale of 1 to 10, what is everyone's opinion on XenForo? I've heard good things as well as bad things about it. Based on the demo I tried, I like it a lot! I may purchase it in the future!:)