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  1. Num7

    [BS] Real time chat

    @021 How hard would it be to add to the chat room, a list of users currently in the chat? Thanks.
  2. Num7

    [BS] Real time chat

    Thanks for the 1.1.1a update. Glad Ajax polling is now working properly with friendly URLs. :)
  3. Num7

    [BS] Real time chat

    Hi, How does the chat archive works? Does the chat room dump its content automatically inside a predefined thread? Thanks.
  4. Num7

    Lack of interest There should be more choice for ads placements within posts

    Thank you for your reply. I tried the following code, but it didn't have an effect when I set it in my ad code using the XF2 advertisement manager. Did I miss something? Am I supposed to add the code directly in the template instead? <xen:if is="{$post.position} == 0 AND...
  5. Num7

    Lack of interest There should be more choice for ads placements within posts

    Right now, you can include ads before or after posts, but it displays that ad unit in every single post. That's a lot. Did I miss something? It would be nice if there were additional locations such as "first post", "second post", or "every 2 posts", etc. Does that make sense? Thanks.
  6. Num7

    XF 2.0 Smilies Not working

    Thank you for that file. Somehow, I ended up with the XF1 smilies after the upgrade to XF2. It's fixed now!
  7. Num7

    XF 1.5 Alert when a member you follow starts a new discussion

    Hi guys, I searched for such a feature and didn't seem to find anything. Am I missing something? Is there a way to receive an alert whenever a member you follow starts a new thread? Or, would it be possible to automatically watch the threads started by the members you follow? Let me know...
  8. Num7

    Poke by Waindigo [Deleted]

    It would be cool to have the Poke link in the member card.
  9. Num7

    sonnb - Live Thread

    Is this add-on working on 1.4? Is it possible to make all threads live? Would that generate a server overload? Back then, I used to have such an add-on on vBulletin 3 that made all threads live using Ajax. I'd sure love to find something similar on XF. Here's the vB add-on I'm referring to...
  10. Num7

    Ebay [Deleted]

    That's a great add-on idea! Good job.
  11. Num7

    Sidebar - Collapse & expand [Deleted]

    Interesting add-on.
  12. Num7

    Metro [Deleted]

    Impressive theme. Do you plan to create a dark version? :)
  13. Num7

    Sign up contest

    I'd announce something along those lines: The next 50 members who register after today and post X number of messages win a prize. Only registering on your forum is too easy, you want members, but you want activity as well, right? I like the idea of that kind of contest, although I prefer a pure...
  14. Num7

    Xen Cache

    Looks like a great add-on. I'm interested to see a few reviews and graphs to compare before and after.
  15. Num7


    The widget framework works great and has the recent status update. Thank you for the suggestion. You can update your status. It's the in widget's option. Let us know if you need help.
  16. Num7

    Nice avatar! LOL Oops, I'm not the first one!

    Nice avatar! LOL Oops, I'm not the first one!
  17. Num7

    Happy 2014

    Happy new year to you too! :)
  18. Num7

    VB To XF

    Your forum looks and feels great! Congratulations, that's a great move. I don't think you'll miss vB at all. If you do though, all you have to do is install this style: Good job.
  19. Num7 1,000,000 Posts

    Congratulations, you have a great community! It's encouraging to know that a forum can still thrive after 11 successful years. Things I can think about to improve are the following: Regular community events like chat events, voice chat events. Video logs. Forum games such as role playing games...
  20. Num7


    Is it me, or I can't find any new add-on to replace this discontinued one? :(