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  1. victormarconi

    XF 2.1 External logout by deleting session cookies implications

    I've read this thread and successfully implemented the external logout. But I'd like to redirect the user to the previous page (not to the forum, which is the default redirect). Is there any problem of just deleting the cookie in...
  2. victormarconi

    XF 2.0 Calling Laravel's autoloader or classes from Xenforo

    I'm trying to integrate a Laravel app with Xenforo. (Topic 1, Topic 2). I'd like to call some of Laravel's function from Xenforos controllers. For example: Logging out: class Logout extends AbstractController { public function actionIndex() {...
  3. victormarconi

    XF 2.0 Help me understand Xenforos IP format

    Hi, I'm trying to integrate Laravel with Xenforo. The easiest and most non-intrusive way I figure is keeping each application fairly unchanged and sync its user registration, login and logout (and its databases tables). Each time the user login in Laravel, it will trigger an event that inserts...
  4. victormarconi

    XF 2.0 Login/Logout/Session Integration

    I'd like to share users credentials and sessions with an existing Laravel App. 1) Is there a way to build a custom login/logout form, which could redirect back to my app? (perhaps a hidden "redirect_to" field) I coudn't find any documentation or hint about this. 2) Is there a simple function...
  5. victormarconi

    Nginx configuration preventing external scripts to run some Xenforo code?

    Hi everybody! I've successfully installed Xenforo with Nginx + PHP-FPM. I've used Xenforo's config snipet: location /forum { try_files $uri $uri/ /forum/index.php?$uri&$args; } location ~ /forum/(internal_data|library) { internal; }...