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    how do i block members from viewing links

    how do i block members from viewing links can anyone link me to the plugin?
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    XF 1.5 renaming admin.php

    hello is there a way to rename the route from admin.php to something else? if so is there a video i can watch or do so i can rename it please?
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    XF 1.5 how to upgrade xenforo?

    ello i was wondering when i upgrade my version from 1.5.5a to the latest what will it do? besides to the lates patch
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    preventing guest to see any type of url in post

    Hello im looking for a addon to prevent any guest to veiw url in post
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    can anyone help me

    hello why cant i see my site? see here 00986bd6af2fecf67444b7d513e764a5.png but when i type into url i can see it but not my forums? any help
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    how to get bigger Banner

    howdy i was wondering how to get my site banner/logo bigger see here i forgot how to do it? i know its in settings somewhere? can anyone help me to make it large again
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    username limit?

    does having a username as X screw up with the site itself? i know the limit is 3 or more!
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    Need help uploading

    Hey everyone. I'm uploading my site once again. A friend put in two folders , on of which was data and the other I cannot remember. Can anyone please help me? Thank you.
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    XF 1.5 How to replace forum icons in #rekt

    Hello i was curious to know how to replace my Current Forum icons from this To an image i have Can anyone tell me like step by step walk through thank you do i go into styles in cpanel and delete the current icon and replace it idk
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    Request a site banner/ Avatar

    I'm willing to pay paypal Site: what i'm looking for Site banner/Avatar text 1: ModdingOnline text 2: MO Image: idk can anyone make up couple for me Prize will range @Mike Creuzer can u look into it? ps i post on your site aswell if i posted in wrong section i'm sorry
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    XF 1.5 How do i get something like this

    You're Guest, you don't have permission to view links. Please Register or Login to view this links. I was wondering how can i do this or if its a plugin can u link me where to get it thank you
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    XF 1.5 Renaming URLs?

    Hello is there a plugin that i can use to rename a URL like i can place a url and rename it but when click on it it take u to that url was for? sorry im bad at this
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    How do i add an image? background

    Hello i like to know how to insert an image in the background of my site? can anyone give me step by step?
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    XF 1.5 Hmm stuck on this

    Can anyone be kind to help me with this!! how to fix this? im a n00b at this
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    Hello can anyone be kind to help me out?

    Hello i recently bought a skin and need help uploading it to cpanel (Server) and i was wondering if anyone can help me through Skype or through Tv (Team-viewer) i would rather Skype i ask because i don't want to get in trouble nor get anyone else in trouble
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    Graphic Hello request needed Userbar

    Hello i like to have this but i was wondering if anyone be able to design me a user bar? If anyone can pm me i don't have money to give, but i can give credit to whoever helps me! thank you
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    Hello my name is Matt, and i've always been obsessed with Gaming/Modding. And decided to buy Xenforo to be the base of my site and i always heard good things about it. Its new, the site! i post when i have time, and i'm currently thinking on new theme just saving up for it! So please tell me...
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    redoing the ranks?

    Hello can anyone be so kind to help me redo ranks? what i mean is i have this! can ranks be more like Xenforo like that stripe or whatever you call it can anyone help
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    Graphic Can anyone do me a sexy Banner?

    Hello i'm looking to hiring a gfx for my site? Name of site: ModdingOnline Link to forum: Genre: Gaming/Technology Forum Software: LoL Xenforo I was wondering if anyone can do me a sexy banner/Signature and a (falvon) i think i spelled it wrong im willing to spend 10-15$...
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    XF 1.5 Need couple things done

    Hello i like to know how to remove the right sidebar? and also is there a footer plugin if so can u link me it. Where to request GFX? on here i like to ask for banner