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  1. Saburov

    Not a bug Quick Reply Doesn't Work When ad_message_body Template is full

    I spend some time to find the problem's source. When I add an adsense code in to ad_message_body template the quick reply feature doesn't work properly. Sending the messaje but doesn't refresh the page. I think it's trying to place an adsence banner but cannot handle. I mentioned in here but I...
  2. Saburov

    XF 1.5 Redirection After Facebook Login

    Hello After the facebook login by default it redirects to the homepage. So I open a new tab and paste a spesific page to this tab, it automaticly logged out and I have to login again and this new tab redirect homepage again. There is a loop. I don't want my visitors lost their pages which...
  3. Saburov

    XF 1.5 Quick Reply Doesn't Work in Chrome

    Hello. my forum's quick reply function doesn't work properly in chrome and opera browsers. In firefox there is no problem. I cleaned my browsers cache, I tried different computers, disabled addons, even I have try on my friends but the problem continues. When I send...
  4. Saburov

    XF 1.5 Moving Xenforo Folder

    In the future I want to use Xenword. So I think I should move xenforo folder already for the SEO. I may be late after. Is there any guide for moving xenforo folder? What do you sugguest for the adress of the forum. or ? Which one is better for seo or...
  5. Saburov

    XF 1.5 Facebook Comments Plugin issue

    Hi I decided to add facebook comment plugin to my forum. Facebook has a guide here: I add the first code to the bottom of the page_container_js_body template. And second code to the bottom of the ad_message_below template. Comment area...
  6. Saburov

    [error] File does not exist: /public_html/robots.txt

    My hosting cpanel's error log, there is two error log like this: [Wed Oct 05 13:29:15 2016] [error] [client] File does not exist: /home/xxx/public_html/ What does it mean? Should I create a blank robots.txt file in this folder or something else?
  7. Saburov

    After Update to PHP 7 my site doesn't work.

    Yesterday I changed my php version from php 5.4 to 7 for some upload limit situation but after that my web site doesn't open. I have an HTTP ERROR 500 now. How can I fix that? Thanks.
  8. Saburov

    XF 1.5 message content doesn't appear after edit

    Hi, I have this problem. Loading forever but message doesn't come back. So I have to refresh the page. (only quick edit, not advanced edit) Thank you in advance...
  9. Saburov

    XF 1.5 Unable to send mail problem

    This is my forum's first member but there is an error "unable to send mail" Probably it's the registiration mail.
  10. Saburov

    XF 1.4 Facebook share problem

    I have an interesting facebook share problem. I don't know this is from xenforo or not but i need to ask. I share a link from my forum to a facebook group, page or a profile (addthist button or shareaholic or other stuff doesn't matter) With my facebook account i can see it regularly. But...
  11. Saburov

    XF 1.3 Recentslider module disappear

    The problem is Xenporta Recentslider module. İt's just appear e few milisecond and than disappear? i tried to disable other add-ons but i couldn't fix it.
  12. Saburov

    XF 1.3 ...xf_session' is marked as crashed and should be repaired

    I have a server error like this?
  13. Saburov

    XF 1.3 short links blank page problem

    When I try to shorten the links with I get a blank page in my forum. Please check this: --> --> Cnn and the other web sites are working good. What is wrong at my site?
  14. Saburov

    Add-on Reinstalled Azucloud and all is gone ?!?

    I have an issue about azucloud. I had double cloud in a row in my site . I trired to fix this and uninstall and reinstall azucloud. But now there are no any keyword in any thread. How can I fix this? Thanks.
  15. Saburov

    XF 1.3 Reinstalled Azucloud and all is gone ?!?

    Hello. I have an issue about azucloud. I had double cloudS in a row in my site . I trired to fix this and uninstall and reinstall azucloud. But now the cloud is gone and there are no any keyword in any thread. How can I fix this? Thanks.
  16. Saburov

    XF 1.3 twitter integration error

    After I editted utf8.php I have this error message. I restored the orijinal utf8.php but error is still continiue. Thanks
  17. Saburov

    Add-on Romanize Titles in URLs (ö > o ü >u)

    Need an add on to romanize titles in urls in a different way. (ö to o and ü to u) Yes i can edit library/Lgpl/utf8.php but i don't want to edit each time i upgrade the xenforo. (just turkish is enough for me :) ) Thanks
  18. Saburov

    XF 1.3 Romanize Titles in URLs porblem

    This is very usefull feature. Thanks for it. But i have a problem. I realized that ü turns into ue and ö turns into oe But I want to, ü turns into u and ö turns into u How can i edit this? Thanks.
  19. Saburov

    XF 1.3 can't see threats when I login (after upgrade)

    After upgrade to 1.3.2, I couldn't see threads when I login to my xenforo forum. There is only a blank page like this. You can check with my website public account user name: anonim password: anonim
  20. Saburov

    XF 1.3 can't reach forum after upgrade

    Hello, I couldn't reach my forum after upgrade xenforo 1.3.2. Please look and click on te "forumlar" tab for forums. I'll be appraciate if you help me. Thanks