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  1. indepth

    Monetization Documentation

    Has anything been written or updated on the User Upgrades / Monetization feature this year? There's a vague reference in the 2.0 manual (below) but nothing else I can find. Searches here also seem to be limited to a few simple questions and answers.
  2. indepth

    XF 2.0 Need to grab user avatar

    I need to grab the user avatar for an external settings page. What is the correct way to do this? It seems especially tricky since the default "avatar" is the letter in the users name and a random color. If it helps I already have an instance of XF running on this external page load.
  3. indepth

    XF 2.0 Hard link to css files outside Xenforo

    My site has both XF and non-XF content. As a result it is necessary for me to recreate some of the XF menus and styles outside XF (on the same domain). I've tracked down the 3 css files I need and was using them successfully; but it appears there are some variables tagged onto the end that...
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    XF 2.0 Easiest way to call a php script

    I need to call a very simple php script to return a user value and display it in the nav bar. What is the easiest (correct) way to do this? Can you make the call inside a style with the additional html? Or does it need to be inside a template? Or are there other restrictions?
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    Can you search by prefix?

    Is there a way to search threads here by prefix (in the support forums)? If not, why not? Seems beneficial.
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    XF 2.0 Is there a difference between messages and conversations?

    I'm wanting to pull out message count and notifications for an external dashboard. I've got it working, but it seems that [message_count] => 0 isn't being updated when I send the user a message. The [conversations_unread] does update; along with all other user information as it changes. But...
  7. indepth

    XF 1.5 Hide banners for only one secondary user group

    I feel like there's an easy way to do this, and I'm just missing it. I have banners on. And I have them stackable. What I need, is for one secondary user group to NOT have a banner displayed. Other banners from any other groups the user is in can still display. I just don't want the...
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    XF 1.5 How to manage a board across multiple domains

    Ok, so here's my issue: I have an XF board setup on a domain specific to one city. We've now decided we're expanding our service to multiple cities. Each will have it's own domain (though we plan to create subdomains to make resource sharing easier), and needs to be branded separately...
  9. indepth

    XF 1.5 add_header_after needs to be hidden on mobile

    I needed to add the rest of our page header on the forum and have done so by using add_header_after. It worked and looks great. However, I noticed on mobile it looks really bad as it is cut about in 1/3. How can I use Xen:if to hide the add_header_after completely on mobile?
  10. indepth

    XF 1.5 Which template to edit for top bar...

    I want to change the word "Log in" on the top bar to something else. For the life of me now I can't remember which style template contains that section. I feel like it should be one of the main header templates, but I've been looking for hours and I can't track it down. Can anyone point me in...
  11. indepth

    Add static link to right side of nav bar

    Does anyone know how to add a static link to the right side of the XF nav bar? I've disabled user signups and have a blank space there (to the right of the login link) that I need to fill with another static link. I am using the addon Custom Tabs as well, but it only works for the nav links on...
  12. indepth

    Looking for help integrating site memberships and protected content

    Been playing with this for awhile and I just can't get the integration correct. I need to have memberships that work across our entire site as well as for Xenforo. Including signup, subscription, and sub. upgrades/downgrades. The implementation really isn't a high level of difficulty, but I'm...
  13. indepth

    Logging in via external page

    I've been working with several of the custom API and SDK scripts to try to accomplish some basic tasks. Unfortunately the two that are most useful to my exact needs are both 1-2 releases outdated. I've managed to get everything I need working EXCEPT the ability to login from an external page...
  14. indepth

    XF 1.5 Restrict forum content, but not navigation

    I'm active on a xenforo forum (not mine) that is fully navigable by the public (non members) but not accessible. Hovering over the threads doesn't show the summary and clicking on them triggers a sign up now pop up. Of course if you are logged in with a valid membership, everything works as...
  15. indepth

    XF 1.5 Creating a page

    I'm trying to create a page under the node creation tree. It seems pretty straightforward, but I can't find any explanation in the user manual as to what is supposed to be entered in the URL portion: field. Is this a location I want this file to be? Or do I need to create a file and link it...
  16. indepth

    Integrating full site membership with xenforo

    I need to have an integrated membership registration/login (which will include a tiered pay wall) that will work to pass the username, verification, and membership level between my main site and the forum software. So that when a user signs up on the main site and pays, they are automatically...