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  1. AlexandrosD

    Lack of interest The Upload of an attachment must complete before user can submit a post

    See for example gmail, email is sent after and only after all attachments have been successfully uploaded, even if the user hits the Send button sooner. Maybe a bug?
  2. AlexandrosD

    Lack of interest Inserted attachments should be removed from editor when deleted

    ...automagically deleted after insertion: kept as is:
  3. AlexandrosD

    Not a bug  xenTooltip should disappear on hover

    so we can click a subNode without frustration.
  4. AlexandrosD

    Duplicate  no hash when js on, no history, no hash history

    I am not sure if this was posted before (I searched). It's more a "web2.0" enchantment than a bug that concerns AJAX and Browser history. If you open a member's profile, e.g. ejm and hit his Postings tab, wait for the ajax request to complete and click on a random post of him (you mustn't open...
  5. AlexandrosD

    Lack of interest Guest option to submit email when allowed to post so a possible gravatar is shown.

    I was able to post some messages on a xenforo-based community where it was allowed for non-registered users to submit their posts. The form didn't ask for an email. Is this by default or the admin disabled it on purpose?
  6. AlexandrosD

    Fixed  BB editor - Inserting URL breaks if form has no selected text

    To reproduce it try pasting a link before the "Insert Link" modal window fully loads in browser. If you do it right you will have pasted the link to the form behind the modal window and get the text you had selected, unselected. After the modal loads, type a url and hit insert. Modal now...
  7. AlexandrosD

    Not a bug  Can disable own account for good

    Tested here, at the official xenForo community, just some minutes ago. Reproduce: Create a dummy account for this test purpose. Verify the e-mail. Change user's e-mail to an invalid one (but do not verify). Change your password to something you will not remember. Try to login. You don't...
  8. AlexandrosD

    Fixed  Language Importer hangs.

    There seems to be an error when importing a language .xml with many phrases via the Language Importer. Reproduce in debug mode: 1) Export the English (US) language (βeta 5) with all XenForo phrases. 2) Edit the downloaded file and change the title value to something else, ex. <language...
  9. AlexandrosD

    Not planned Make harder for banned members to re-register with Evercookie

    See more @ Anyone can easily change their IP address and delete their session cookies, something that allows banned members to easily re-register. It'd be awesome if evercookie gets implemented somehow in xenforo. An add-on would also do nice I suppose. Test it by...
  10. AlexandrosD

    Implemented Pagination improvement

    Here's the thing; If you click the right arrow, it shows the 52th page button and replaces the arrow. It also removes the 47th anchor element. It should show the 52th page button by default, without the need of an additional click. Doncha think?
  11. AlexandrosD

    A Comprehensive Guide to Posting on Forums

    A funny article I found recently.
  12. AlexandrosD

    mootools > jquery

    It'd be cooler to have MooTools (ftw) as the default UI javascript framework instead of jQuery. Its Object Oriented model is so easier to maintenance, especially for a large forum system like xenForo. Even Joomla is using it! See some awesome templates for joomla made with the MooTools Power...