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  1. aculate

    [bd] Widget Framework

    Yeap. Stupid typo from my side... Sorry about that. Great addon by the way
  2. aculate

    [bd] Widget Framework

    On the Profile Posts widget, when i enter the expression $visitor['user_id'] > 0 i always get, every other minute, the server error log: ErrorException: Fatal Error: syntax error, unexpected '[' - library/WidgetFramework/WidgetRenderer.php(498) : runtime-created function:1 If i remove the...
  3. aculate

    Notices in SideBar

    Love this idea!!! Almost all of my notices are made of an image header that links to something. Having those images in the sidebar (like adds) would be even better.
  4. aculate

    XenForo 2.0 Discussion

    i just have a question concerning xF 2.0: Does it mean that xenforo will go from 1.4.X to 2.0. Is 1.4.X the final stable version before 2.0 ? Thanks
  5. aculate

    Today's Birthdays

    Great addon! How do i change the order of the Birthday block on the sidebar. I need the block to be on top, after the member info block. Thanks
  6. aculate

    XF 1.3 Parse problem

    Im not sure if it´s appropiate to put here the errors from the log.. I´m going to, in case it helps the team somehow... got this on my error log [14-May-2014 18:23:49 UTC] PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ''' (T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE), expecting ']' in...
  7. aculate

    TaigaChat Pro - Realtime chat/shoutbox [Paid]

    Just purchassed the pro license. How do i disable the full chat view. I just want the sidebar. Thanks
  8. aculate

    Lack of interest Branding should be more visible when adjusting the background color

    I don't no. I was just providing my feedback in hopes that it could be helpfull, somehow.
  9. aculate

    XF 1.3 Where do i go so i can enter only one option in the poll ?

    Hello, I was able to do this in vb3.8.4 (by changing something on a template) and i need help to do the same with xenForo. I want to create a poll with only one option, something like "I do want to participate ..." I need the user to explicitly check the box if he wants to participate on a...
  10. aculate

    Lack of interest Branding should be more visible when adjusting the background color

    Here's another ui suggestion. When adjusting the color palette for a new style, always make sure the branding colors are visible according to the color chosen for the background (like the colors in the footer links). For example, all of my styles have background colors and the branding is hard...
  11. aculate

    Not planned The user's navigation menu should always be in front no matter what

    I get all of the above points, but, since you're hovering/unhovering over the menu, not clicking (minor detail), i feel it should be on top, since that is what you're looking to do in the first place. By displaying it on top, both desire intentions work correctly: the image is full sized and the...
  12. aculate

    Not planned The user's navigation menu should always be in front no matter what

    here's another small ui suggestion... when i click on the image to show the full version, the user's menu on top should always be in front, not behind. It defeats the purpose of a modal box if it's behind. before after when i click 'Click this image to show the full-size version'
  13. aculate

    no staff members tab empty

    just a small ui suggestion...when there's no staff members (for whatever reasons), maybe the tab should not show up or show the tab with a message instead of an empty tab...
  14. aculate

    finally, i just went live on my site.

    it´s a small spanish fanclub community, nothing special. 1000 fans with only 20 000 messages...
  15. aculate

    finally, i just went live on my site.

    New xf baby on the net! I bought my license almost 2 years ago, and, finally, i just went live on my site. Goodbye vb3.8.4 , hello xf1.3.1. How ironic, both version created by the same (almost) group of people... (y)
  16. aculate

    XF 1.3 Change Privacy options in a batch

    When I’ve imported from vb3.8.4, all of the users inherited the default privacy options. I need to update some default options: I want the option ‘View this user's profile page details’ to be ‘Members only’ same for ‘Receive this user's news feed’ and ‘View this user's identities’. They all...
  17. aculate

    Fixed 'Forgot your password' and 'Stay logged in' in reverse order

    just a small ui feedback. The 'Forgot your password' and 'Stay logged in' seem to be in reverse order on some pages. Maybe this is done on purpose, but still i just want it to report it... Thanks