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  1. steventmcevoy Online Business community!

    Bizdustry: is a Business Industry, Internet Entrepreneurs, e-Commerce, Investing, and general fun community all in one roof. We loved to have you and hope you learn and grow with us! Bizdustry provides a currency for you to earn money from posting and you can cash out at certain point. Also be...
  2. steventmcevoy

    XF 2.1 Importing XF2 - XF2 error with data folder

    I am currently trying to import my old DB into my new website. Both are currently up to date on xenforo when i go to >> Configure importer: XenForo 2.1Source database configuration Fill in all of my creds and click continue I get the following message I do not have the files anymore to my...
  3. steventmcevoy

    What should I use my XF license for?

    I have a non transferrable licesne with RM, MEDIA. Any ideas what I should do with it? I hate to see this just sitting here.