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  1. chris TFF

    XF 2 Xenforo Website Developer

    We are looking to build a database price comparision query website within a Xenforo framework. This is to sit alongside our Forum and make it easy for users to swtich between the two. Its a price comparison site for farming, but starting with just one set of products. We have the database of...
  2. chris TFF

    XF 2.1 Embedding a Sub-forum on a different site?

    Like most forums we have a number of sub-forums. Some of these have been started by customers, such as the Direct Drilling Section - on The Farming Forum -...
  3. chris TFF

    XF 2.1 Passing Thread Tags to Google DFP

    Hello, We pass a number of variables, such as thread ID and forum ID to our Google DFP installation to help target our adverts. We would also like to pass Thread Tags and User Group IDs. We have tried a few code variations, but have't made them work. Both would be arrays. We have managed to...