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    404 page

    Hello, i got a question. I'm using a Ubuntu 14.04 server with APACHE2. If i go to my website, everything works perfect. But if i go for example to like i dont get a 404 PAGE? my .htaccess is # Mod_security can interfere with uploading of...
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    Webhost for around 1-3EURO monthly billing

    I'm searching for a decent webhost for around 1-3 euro monthly.
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    Forum color

    Hello, I want one forum blue colored on my forum? How is this possible?
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    Hey hello, i got a Multi-gaming community named SquadGaming Check it out! Not really great or something, just a start. :)
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    Conversation keep's loading

    If i try to send a PM to someone, it keeps and keeps loading. and most people clicking again and again and doublepost.
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    Editor doesn't work, with adding picture and more!

    Dear Xenforo Users, I got a BIG problem. i can't add photo's with url, or adding a url to a text or placing any video. i get this. where normally is
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    Staff Online, please help.

    Dear Users, I want that the Staff Online only shows groups, 37, 3, 35, 39. How can i do that?
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    VPS or Webhost?

    Dear Users, I got a question what do you suggest? Using a VPS or getting a webhost, and where do you prefer for getting a webhost?
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    Transfer host backup database?

    Dear, I want to change host from cPanel to VPS. how can i save database of all posts and users topic's boards, i only need that.
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    XenStaff Where is can i download it?

    Hey, i see some Xenforo users use Xenstaff, but i can't find it anywhere. :S
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    With Addons are this?

    Hello, i saw a site: They use some sort of glitter effect on names, and like crowns etc. What is that addon called? And how do they change color of groups to red green etc.
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    Transfered phpbb to Xenforo now everyone is unregistered

    Transfered phpbb to Xenforo now everyone is unregistered.. How can i make them registered all at once?
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    Can't reset password

    Your password could not be reset. Please try again. I get this message, when i try to reset my password, i get a email with a link but then that error shows up. How can i fix this? I just did phpBB - Xenforo and everyones password is reseted or something.
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    SMF -> Xenforo

    Hello, how can i convert smf to xenforo?
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    XenPortal, problem.

    Dear users, I got a problem, i just installed XenPortal but now i got something. i cant remove Home somehow? I have 2 home tabs now. Thanks