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  1. J

    Wordpress Birdge

    Is there a Module developed and available for download that works as Wordpress bridge for Xenforo website?
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    Style Edit the Header box of Style Template

    I want this box shown in image which is circled in black to be edited and be able to show ads from this Add-on:-
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    XF 1.5 Displaying Ads by changing code?

    What code I need to change to displaying Ads? I am using this Style -
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    Add-on Ads Revenue Sharing

    Is there a Add-on for Ads Revenue Sharing with Adsense being most used?
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    Other 1 Add-On license. Number of installs?

    If I purchase a Add-On and requires it for several websites running Xenforo. Will I be required to purchase additional copy of Add-On for each website or with just 1 purchase of Add-On I can install it on several websites running Xenforo?
  6. J

    Add-on Products Review Section

    In addition to having a Wordpress Blog integrated into Xenforo forum in separate tab. I am also in need of section which could be dedicated to "Products Review" in separate tab. Is it possible using any additional Add-On?
  7. J

    Place to buy used License?

    I am looking for a used license but need some forums from where I can purchase from other people. I tried DigitalPoint but no one is selling there. any other forums to buy used license of Xenforo?
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    Black Friday/Cyber Monday Discounts?

    During Black Friday and Cyber Monday holidays of 2018 was there a heavy discount to upgrade Xenforo license as I couldn't find any information on this forum. Point me in the right direction.
  9. J

    Add-on Wiki and Community Level Forums Possible?

    Is it possible to have Wiki with Add-On Xenforo 2.x and I am looking to add community based forums restricted to certain members added on request to those forums. Is it possible?
  10. J

    Add-on Forum Section Accessible with Points(Restricted Forums Section)

    I want to add a section of Forums on my website which has high quality content and could be accessed using points which forum members earn doing activities like Posting Threads, Posts, Giving Likes etc. Does such kind of Add-on exists presently for version 1.x ?
  11. J

    Add-on Cache Add-on

    Require a free Add-on to speed up forums with cache plugin for xenforo. share some of them here.
  12. J

    SEO Plugin for Forum

    I require a Add-on for my forums which improves SEO and adds meta-tags like Title, Description and Keywords to my Home Page, Categories, Sub-Categories and each of forums threads/posts. Suggest a free Add-on for better SEO of my forum based on Xenforo.
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    Redirect Addon for Non-www to www-version

    I am looking for a add-on for redirecting the non-www version of the URL to www-version or will it be better to do this with .htaccess file as done with normal html websites?
  14. J

    Showing Stats for users

    How do I show stats below the username of a Xenforo forum member? I want to show normal stats which are shown usually like Messages, Likes Received, Best answers, Trophy Points.
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    Share Ads space

    Is there exists a Add-On that allows to share Adspace such as Adsense with other members based on the amount of activity on forum?
  16. J

    Adsense Space sharing

    Is there a Plugin that allows members to input their Adsense ID and share space on Threads/Posts they make on my forum and make revenue by sharing Adsense space on Threads/Posts they make?
  17. J

    Add-on Adsense Sharing Add-On

    Is there a Add-On to Share Adsense revenue with Forum Posters by rotating the Adsense code with Add-On?
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    Other Xenforo sub-directory error

    There is a error when opening url installed in sub-directory. Need someone to resolve the error. Contact in pm for further details.
  19. J

    XF 1.5 Auto-Creation of Forums Folder

    I have [Extra] Portal installed on the website and runs main forum in the section - However sometimes the folder named "forums" automatically gets created in cPanel and the entire forum goes down. I want to know what could be the possible reason for this and solve this issue?
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    XF 1.5 Run blog Also

    I have installed Extra Portal on Xenforo and now I want to display blog entries on front page of website which is managed by Extra Portal. Require to know how to do this?