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  1. dakirch

    Voting on Posts / Average

    I'm not sure if this exists. Been looking and asking around. I am looking for a system where users can rate a post 1 through 10 on select forums. The add-on will add up the scores and give the average on the forum view. It will also show who voted and what. Open to more suggestions. If...
  2. dakirch

    Roster for Gaming with custom profile fields

    Looking for a custom roster add-on for users. When you navigate to rosters you will see a tab of games you can join. User can join games that the community supports. From there it will display custom user fields like PSN ID, Steam ID, Location, ETC. Users can also check a mark next to...
  3. dakirch

    Other [PAID] 3 Latest Replies

    Looking for an add-on that can display more than one “Latest Reply” on forum view. As you see on the images below you can see what it looks like now and how I would like it. I would like the ability to select how many threads display too, 1 to 5, if possible. 1 to 3 at the min.
  4. dakirch

    Add-on Top Stats / Recent Posts

    I'm looking for a custom paid add-on that I do not see. It looks like someone made one awhile ago that is no longer supported. This is an add-on that after completion I would hope you post/sell to increase interest and hopefully support. With the vB 4.2.x version you get something like...
  5. dakirch

    Other [PAID] Need Dev for Massive Community Project (Skins and Add-Ons/Mods)

    Edit: I have been quoted for this project and it runs from $14,000 to $21,000. But still working on getting a cleaner design document to get a a more accurate quote. I'll have a design document done sometime today or tomorrow. Not sure if this is the right spot for this but I need help...