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  1. ozm8ey

    XF 2.0 How to disable users banners on member profiles? (Solved)

    How do I disable user banners on member profiles? Its just when I use a custom user banner and then click on their name, it then looks like this:
  2. ozm8ey

    XF 1.5 code insert yaml?

    Hello just wondering how would I add .yaml to the insert code when someone posts a message?
  3. ozm8ey

    Kata-Kai - A martial arts themed general chat forum

    So basically I went months and months without a minecraft server and website then i decided to make a new forum. This one I decided to just make it a general chatter forum with a martial arts theme since I do and like martial arts. The logo is custom made but the background i bought a license to...
  4. ozm8ey

    How can you use user upgrades if there is no more premier accounts for paypal?

    Ok so i want to use user upgrades to accept donations but apparently you need either a paypal premier or business account. I don't have a business and paypal apparently don't have premier accounts anymore, so can i do? Can you not just use a personal paypal account?
  5. ozm8ey

    Why so many robots?

    So i started a new website and hasn't even been a week and I've been apparently getting lots of robots. Why is this?
  6. ozm8ey

    XF 1.5 current users see a white messy page

    So basically I started using cloudflare with ssl problem is if a user that has already been on my site will see a white messy page with everything all over the place unless i think they clear their cache. I have http to redirect to https but unless they clear their cache it will happen. is there...
  7. ozm8ey

    XF 1.5 How do i change the color of of message box things?

    /title is there a way to change these to colors?
  8. ozm8ey

    XF 1.5 how to make it so email dont go to junk/spam folder?

    Is it possible to make it so signup confirmation emails don't go to the users junk/spam folder? Is yes how?
  9. ozm8ey

    XF 1.5 How to colour nodes?

    Hello how do I make node forums have colour? So I can have like Announcements as red for example
  10. ozm8ey

    XF 1.5 smtp mail server service?

    Where can i get a smtp mail server service that don't have those dumb restrictions? I tried smtp2go but they rejected my application claim thing you are required to submit most probably because I dont have business just a forum
  11. ozm8ey

    moved from shared to vps help

    Hello I just recently moved my forums from a shared to a unmanaged vps with centos 7. got everything working i think but 2 problems Im having 1) sometimes when I install an addon or something it says permission denied error until I change the permission of the file/folder 2) Do I need to...
  12. ozm8ey

    XF 1.5 About spam bots

    Just wondering after i have had some spam bots on my website. How is it spam bots find your website?
  13. ozm8ey

    Dark style vs bright style?

    What do you guys prefer dark style or bright style and why? Im currently using a dark style idk why but i feel more cosy while on a dark style forums.
  14. ozm8ey

    XF 1.5 user name glow?

    How do you make user names glow?
  15. ozm8ey

    upload attachments recommended?

    Is it recommended to allow uses to upload attachments?
  16. ozm8ey

    XF 1.5 permissions help with ranks/groups

    Ok so i have a forum but my problem is if i want someone to be forum mod which i gave them super mod but also want them to be in another group called Head-Admin the problem is if they're in both groups he doesn't get the moderator permissions. Head-Admin only has the standard registered...
  17. ozm8ey

    XF 1.5 How much memory is require?

    I have a forum but sometimes for almost no reason it gets really slow to the point it doesn't even load the page then an error comes up and says connection timed out error. it also gets logged to the forum when it happens. i asked my host but they said i might need to increase the memory using...
  18. ozm8ey

    XF 1.5 How to remove branding from old styles?

    I got a new style from pixeledit but the branding from the old style is still there. I uninstalled the old styles and event deleted all the files of it but its still there. Any ideas?
  19. ozm8ey

    XF 1.5 upgrading style help please?

    I just got the extended $40 support and upgrades. Now i want to upgrade my style but I don't want to lose my custom pics, logo, ect. How do I go about upgrading the style without losing all that?
  20. ozm8ey

    XF 1.5 How to not use banner text with custom css?

    Hello' well basically I wanna use an image as a banner using extra css, i got it to work but the problem is, it shows the group text like admin or whatever behind it. How do i make it so it doesn't show the user text banner? if i put nothing in the box then nothing appears.