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  1. Daphonic

    Add-on Looking to Make Promotions also Remove Groups as well.

    I'm looking to have a Rank promotion by time, but Want it to Remove the Old Group. So Rank 1, Rank 2, Rank 3, for say day 1, 30 days, 60 days. So when the user is on website for 30 days. The Promotion will Give him Rank 2, then Remove Rank 1. When the next Promotion comes up for Rank 3, I want...
  2. Daphonic

    XF 2.0 Group Promotions, you can Add them to a Group, and you Remove them from other group same time?

    I'm looking to do a Time in Community, the longer you been, the higher your Member Rank. When the Group Promotion adds them to the next Rank, can I have it Remove the Others? Rank 1 - 1 Day Rank 2 - 30 days Rank 3 - 90 Days Rank 4 - 180 Days Rank 5 - 365 Days So when Say User goes to Rank 5...
  3. Daphonic

    Login Contest like uses.

    They run a Raffle/Giveaway, and Each type a user logs in once per day, they get a chance/ticket for the raffle. So If raffle starts on the 1st, and ends on the 31st of the month, if user logs in every day, they get 31 chances at the raffle. Is there an add-on like this, or would this be easy...
  4. Daphonic

    XF 1.5 Questions on User Group Promotions?

    I use a Discord Integration, and on our Site, I added User Group Promotions based on Time with in the Community. 5 Ranks, 1 New, 5 being in the Community for a Year. What I want to happen is when Member hits 1 year, They are Promote to This Rank 5, but they are also still in Ranks 1-4. How can...
  5. Daphonic

    XF 1.5 Has anyone Done this? Or Point me to a Forum/Post that shows how or has done it?

    I'm curious if anyone has Done anything like this before? This is a Photoshop Mock up I Made, I want to say I've seen a Xenforo Site do this before, But I can't find it :( Please direct me to the site to see theirs if you know. Or if this is possible.
  6. Daphonic

    XF 1.5 Server Error with Tables?

    I'm getting this Error, what do I need to do to Fix this? It's happening on all my forums, when you try to reply or edit. Server Error Mysqli prepare error: Table './lethalitygaming_forums/xf_search_index' is marked as crashed and should be repaired Zend_Db_Statement_Mysqli->_prepare() in...
  7. Daphonic

    Add-on Auto Promote & Auto Remove Ranks

    I need something that will Auto Promote someone to a User Group, and Remove the Last one they were in. End Result is User's Rank's will Display in TeamSpeak with the TeamSpeak Add on. User starts at Level 1 (Rank 1 Just Joined) User get 10 Trophy Points, Auto Ranks to Level 2 (Rank 2) Removes...
  8. Daphonic

    XF 1.5 Auto Promotions

    I'm working on a Rank system for our Site. Basicly Level 1-50+ I wanted to use Auto Promotions to give someone the new Rank, but how can I remove the old rank? So person gets enough Trophy points to hit Level 21. Auto promotion should add them to Rank 21, and remove rank 20. Reason I'm doing...
  9. Daphonic

    Other Slack Widget?

    I'm curious if someone could take the Iframe Badge for this and turn it into a Widget or help me figure out how to turn it in to a widget for Porta2 and normal widget for the website?
  10. Daphonic

    Add-on Slack and Taiga Integration?

    I'm curious if someone could write an Add On, that will allow Taiga Chat to send it's messages to our Slack Chat Room, and Slack's Chat Room to Taiga's Chat? So that the Slack users and the Website Users can Cross Communicate? Would this be Possible? I read on their Site they got a pretty nice...
  11. Daphonic

    XF 1.5 User Upgrades not showing anymore

    My User Upgrades don't show Active anymore even tho, they are still sending in the Donations? Is there a fix for this? They aren't getting the perks anymore as well as the site doesn't know they are still active?
  12. Daphonic

    XF 1.5 Myself and some users getting a Forbidden Error?? its not happening to everyone. But I can't get to my website on my computer... If i use i can get to it... Some users get to the website just fine. DreamHost says nothing they see in logs to cause this.
  13. Daphonic

    Sending Mass Email is no longer working

    I normaly send out a Monthly Mass Email for updates and info for our Community, but now its only sending it out to maybe 100 people. This is the Error Log on one of them.
  14. Daphonic

    XF 1.4 Adding Customer Border for a Rank

    My end goal is this = The blueish border around Sarahmon's Avatar. I figured this is possible with the Below Code .message.staff .messageUserInfo .helper { display: block; position: absolute; top: -6px; left: -6px; content: ""; background...
  15. Daphonic

    Lethality Gaming

    Hey guys, Names Daphonic, working on our new community site now for about 3 months and finally ready fir release of our new Website. We were on for years, but the lack of support, and lag on everything from their TeamSpeak to Forums we had to change. We first went with vBulletin and...
  16. Daphonic

    XF 1.4 Moving Forums from /Folder to /root/?

    So looking to use Xenforo `100% on our site now, dropping our CMS, what files do need to edit going from /root/forums to just /root/ ? Want to make sure I do everything correctly on the move.
  17. Daphonic

    Who are great Server Hosts?

    I'm Currently using was curious what everyone else is using and how much? I currently pay 10$ a month, but service seems slow. Would like to hear the thoughts of what other people use.
  18. Daphonic

    Add-on TeamSpeak 3 Integration [Paid or Crowd-funded]

    I've only found 1 old TeamSpeak add on and nothing else. I'm looking for an Add on that does what does. Looking for the ADD ON to do the Following Site gives Privilege key to sync up user User's Ranks/Group Sync Website shows when User is Logged into TeamSpeak. Can Assign a Rank for...
  19. Daphonic

    Curious on best Events and Calender add-on?

    Looking for a Events and Calender for Xenforo. I found But it's unmaintained so worried about using it.
  20. Daphonic

    Add-on Rating System that Displays in Forum Thread?

    My example is this. Anime Threads each thread will be separate Anime with a poll inside, of some type. say a 10 scale 1-10, anyone who wants to rate that anime can. So if the Average for the poll is 9, the Thread Prefix would be 9 - Anime title So was thinking of Having 10 Prefix for that...