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  1. Mrs.T

    How do you determine what is a good tag for a thread or video?

    Up until this point I had been letting my members tag there own threads which I now regret. Most tags are not related to the thread (potty words) or are very vague one word tags. Is it better to have a lot of tags on a thread or video even if they are vague and don't really give a lot of info...
  2. Mrs.T

    Taking our website in a new work friendly direction need a little help

    Hi guys, I was not sure where this should be posted. Feel free to move it if it fits better somewhere else. After some long thought we have decided to take our not so friendly website in an entirely new direction. We are cleaning up the trash in our current content and hopefully driving the...
  3. Mrs.T

    XF 1.1 What does this mean and how do I fix it

    I keep getting this message when I hover over my inbox or alert button at my site. Not sure if it is happening anywhere else on the site. This is a new issue I have never seen it before. A little box pops up from javascript asking me if I would like to debug the page. Warning if you visit my...
  4. Mrs.T

    Website T-shirts and other products

    My users have requested we open some type of "store" where they can buy things like mousepads, t-shirts, coffee mugs and other merchandise with our sites logo on it. I have looked at a few different options and not sure what is the best way to go. Has anyone done this with their website or...
  5. Mrs.T

    BBcode on profile pages

    Is it possible to make it so that bbcode can be used when posting messages on members profile pages? Mainly looking to be able to post an image in a message and have it display the image instead of a link.
  6. Mrs.T

    Need to get bb code for 2 media sites

    I am looking to get bb code for 2 media sites so that I can embed from those sites on my forum. We are willing to pay for this, the sites I am looking to have done are NSFW. If anyone is willing to do this for us please let me know either here or through PC. Got this taken care of thank...
  7. Mrs.T

    Today's Registrations

    My forum used to display the number of registrations that occurred on the current day. Not sure if this was an add on or standard with xenforo. I seem to have shut it off and cannot for the life of me figure out where to turn it back on. Does anyone have any idea where I would find this?
  8. Mrs.T

    Can anyone explain what this is to me? It shows as a guest on my site but from what I read on google it says that it is a harmful "site scraper". It shows up as six different guests on my site all on at the same time. Should I ban this IP range?
  9. Mrs.T

    strange script at bottom of all pages

    Hi I am hoping someone can help me with this. I have some strange script at the bottom of all my forum pages. It looks like this. } ["addon_id"] => string(7) "XenForo" ["style_id"] => string(1) "3" ["template_id"] => string(3) "813" ["title_original"] => string(22) "page_container_js_body"...
  10. Mrs.T

    Need to style one group

    I have been looking all over here and in the Xenforo manual and can't seem to find what I need. I would like to give a certain user group recognition in the form of a special user title (VIP) that is a different color from everyone else while allowing them to keep their regular user titles that...
  11. Mrs.T

    General Posting forum

    Interested in your feedback. certain clearly marked areas do contain nsfw material. Thanks