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  1. Booth

    XF 2.0 Spamming the contact us form

    I'm getting a few emails per day via the contact us form, all .ru accounts. They are managing to circumvent the captcha. I've got all .ru accounts banned in my admin area but still these emails keep coming. Does the ban list not affect the contact us form?
  2. Booth

    XF 2.0 IPB Importer

    Hi, I'm sure I'm missing something but I can't find importers for IPB in XF 1.5 or XF 2. There only seems to be importers for vBulletin and Xenforo 2 in the importer add-on folder. Are they available to download somewhere else? Thanks.
  3. Booth

    License extension issue

    I've just purchased an extension to one of my licenses and the extension doesn't appear to have taken effect. It's an old account, does it take time to be approved? Thanks.
  4. Booth

    Add-on Xenforo Game Arcade options

    After a while away from XF I thought I'd ask if there were any updates to game add-ons. The most popular game add-ons on my sites have been flash arcades and cyber pet type add ons. Is there anything available like this working and available yet?
  5. Booth

    XF 1.2 How do I add an item to the main menu

    I just want to add a simple external link to the main menu which opens via target="_blank". As an extra I'd like a message to pop-up telling the user that this is an external site and a continue button. Is there a how-to guide for this?
  6. Booth

    Probably blasphemous but... Vbulletin 4 skin?

    As in the title, it's probably not the right thing to ask for, but for those of us who want to convert a site from a more or less VB4 default style to Xenforo that looks very similar so not to alienate our users - is there such a thing as a VB4 default style for XF?
  7. Booth

    Is there an Arcade for XF yet?

    Is there an arcade plug in for Xenforo yet? I hoped there would be seeing as every forum software out there has one. I've searched the forums and all roads seem to lead to a dead end.
  8. Booth

    XF 1.1 How do I get YouTube embeds in HD?

    Is there anything I can add to the YouTube code that will make all the videos on my site default automatically in 720p? At the moment they are opening in 480p which looks nasty at times compared to the clear HD I've uploaded.
  9. Booth

    XF 1.1 How do I change User Record statistic?

    Hi, having recently converted from IPB I'd like to bring over our Most Users Online statistic which is at 959. In phpmyadmin, which number should I change in the database so that this number displays as the User Record statistic in the forum stats side block? I could do this easily with VB and...
  10. Booth

    XF 1.0 Issue with email alerts

    I received this email from a registered member of our forum. Any idea what this "Oops" is?
  11. Booth

    Lack of interest Beta 5 Facebook integration suggestions

    I've just read about the new Facebook integration features, which are most useful. It would be nice to take this further. Just recently I've been using Wordbooker which is a plug-in for Wordpress. What Wordbooker does is allow articles to be automatically be posted to Facebook, and then pulls...
  12. Booth

    Can you duplicate a skin?

    Is there an easy way to duplicate an already installed skin? So say if I download a skin from the resources section, install it and then want to duplicate it so I can create a variation - is this possible?
  13. Booth

    Make Like and Reply buttons bigger

    How do I make the Like and Reply buttons bigger? I'd also like them to show up as a proper rounded button. We have several elderly members on our forum and the small Like and Reply buttons would be better if they stood out a bit more.
  14. Booth

    RSS all forums?

    Is there an RSS feed for all forums available?
  15. Booth

    Reinvigorating old run down web forums

    Okay so I have a site which did moderately well but over the years, but due to past issues the community began to die. I have now converted it from vb3 to xF and I'm in the process of trying to get it back up and running again. However this is a slow process. Please use this thread to post any...
  16. Booth

    Email Notifications question

    Is there a way for email notifications of watched threads, to include the content of the reply - or at least part of it?
  17. Booth


    A popular mod for vb years ago was pets. The author of it let the project die though unfortunately. Would be great if someone created a new pet system where someone can create a pet, buy it food, feed it, pit it against other peoples pets, give it medicine if its poorly, buy it gifts, etc...
  18. Booth

    Users Online (how long users appear for)

    In VB I could make the members appearing in users online stay for longer in the AdminCP. By default it was 15 but for new or quiet sites, disrupted by switching to XF, it's useful to change this to 60 minutes to make the site busier to members. Any idea how I can tweak this so that members...
  19. Booth

    Lack of interest [suggestion] What's New page - no posts? "additions"

    As my site isn't as busy as here, frequently I get the dreaded "No results found." message. It would be good if when a user gets this message they see... No results found. To see all site wide activity (not just forum posts) click here. (this links to activity feed) To search for all posts...
  20. Booth

    How do we create a sideblock?

    How do I go about creating a sideblock on the forum home page? I just want to add a simple block with some graphical links to areas of the site.