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  1. ashkir

    Transfer/Breach of account?

    Me and a friend were looking to transfer the license that she owns to me. I've been around since the license was purchased and always been the registered forum user for it. When our head administrators changed for the same exact site we asked for the names to be changed. Our site not once moved...
  2. ashkir

    Can't reply in some threads.

    So sometimes some threads have issues that nobody can reply to. Nothing that uses jquery works. At all. the alerts don't drop down. The loading thing shows up and disappears nothing happens. The skin switcher button won't work. This has been happening more and more over the past few weeks. And...
  3. ashkir

    Can't reply to thread.

    All of a sudden we can't reply to this thread on our forum: There has been no modifications to user permissions. The thread loads, the reply form loads. However, Preview and Post aren't working. YOu see the working load, then...
  4. ashkir

    Modifying Permissions - Timeout

    We have over forty usergroups, all which we consider vital and over twenty-five thousand members. On larger forums we're noticing a ton of time outs, primarily, Server Did Not Respond In Time. We tried the fixes here. But, they do seem to save but, we still get the error spat out. Our...
  5. ashkir

    XF 1.1 Error with installing.

    Hi there! I tried to uninstall an addon to reinstall it, I'm getting an error. The addon works correctly it seems, but, I cannot uninstall it as it doesn't show in my addon list. I tried navigating to it manually it says it doesn't...
  6. ashkir

    The Spam Cleaner

    Why is the spam cleaner so inconsistent? :( We're getting a ton of spam and the spam cleaner only shows up in like one out of fifty. Is there a way we can have that option always up jsut in case to easily remove the spam instead of going through the profile finding all their postings then...
  7. ashkir

    Removing two references to Trophy Points

    Anyone have any idea how to remove "Trophy Points" from the popup information and from the Help menu?
  8. ashkir

    Lack of interest Open Dyslexic Font Integration.

    It would be awesome to have a Dyslexic option available in the profile to allow an automatic switch over to a new primary font. Dyslexia is a big problem and they like forums too, with this font it'd be easier for them to read as the letters are weighted down.
  9. ashkir

    Profile Font Option - Dyslexic Persons

    Hi there. Dyslexia is a common problem and forums can be scary and troublesome. I would like to request an addon to allow them to select a font to load it as the primary website font. Anyone know of anything that does this or how hard it'd be to make?
  10. ashkir

    XF 1.1 Please enter a value that matches the required format

    Hi there. Getting this error, please enter a value that matches the required format for the default AIM. It states regular expression in the settings: ^[a-zA-Z0-9@. ]+$ However, AIM also allows underscores. How do I allow our users to use their underscore names?
  11. ashkir

    Threads lock on Modify

    Hi there. Our members are experiencing their threads automatically locking themselves when they're editing their posts. Has anyone experienced this before? If so, what was the cause?
  12. ashkir

    Browser issue XenForo Flash Player Crash

    Ever since the move to XenForo we've been getting hundreds of reports reporting that Flash Player is only crashing on XenForo. Is there a way we can disble Flash? This was reported several times in Bug Reports but it is keep being marked as not a bug, but, it's only happening on our site. :(...
  13. ashkir

    Center Avatar

    How do I center the avatar to be in the smack middle of the avatar space, not in the corner?
  14. ashkir

    Lack of interest More Personal Options

    Our members would love more personal options in their profiles such as these: Ability to ignore a certain person's signature. Ability to disable the preview popups. Ability to disable the username member card popup. Ability to toggle avatars. By having the ability to turn these on/off at will...
  15. ashkir

    Trophies in mini-profile/user info pane.

    Is there a way we can actually show trophy icons in the mini-profile? The forum system we came from had this as a feature instead of just a link. Our members really would like to see them in the threads again.
  16. ashkir

    Automated User Promotions - Permission

    Do the secondary usergroups permission override the primary group's? It's a bit hard to tell since it doesn't change the primary group. :(
  17. ashkir

    Security warning

    Hi. When viewing this forum without Adblock I keep getting security warnings on Firefox, chrome, and even Internet explorer. It states this as the reason: Threads it appears in:
  18. ashkir

    Add-on Link to Searches

    We'd love an addon that generates a link to the search for our members so they can link to other people. Our members cannot copy the link and trade it off right now because only the person whom made the search can see those results. Instead of we'd rather...
  19. ashkir

    Why XenForo - RPG-Directory's View

    Our posers wondered Why XenForo and asked. Most of them are okay with the change from IP.Board now. These are my personal views, and I thought you'd all like it here as well, the same exact thing I told our members:
  20. ashkir

    Add-on FarmVille Alerts.

    Hi there. I'm completely serious about this. I love the ajax alerts and I love good time planning. So, now my plan is to have random FarmVille alerts pop up. They can be like: Your strawberries have wilted. Your farm misses you. You have a new neighbor in FarmVille. [name] needs a Water Bucket...