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  1. Joibjorn

    XF 1.5 Link forum thread on Facebook

    Whenever i post a forum thread link to a secret group on facebook, the facebook preview always comes up with an error. I know that Facebook cannot get the information about the link since my forum is for registered members only. My question is simple, is it possible to have a default thumbnail...
  2. Joibjorn

    MG 1.1 Media Gallery requirement

    Hello. I'm considering getting media gallery for my forum, but i was having trouble finding out how much space would i need from my host to successfully run everything. I'm currently on a webhotell with only 1GB of space, where i have used about 200MB of space divided on xenforo install files...
  3. Joibjorn

    Other Member list export

    Hello. I've spent many hours searching the wide web for a good solution to export my member list in xenforo into a excel file. I'm want to be able to export a complete member list, with names, email addresses, and custom user fields like phone numbers, addresses, etc.. pHP my admin seems to...
  4. Joibjorn

    XF 1.5 Member disclosure

    Hello everyone. After some intense googleing I've found myself stomped. I am trying to keep the members on my forum 100% anonymous from guest/unregistered visitors except for one and other various article being posted into "official news" forumthread that i got. I think i have covered pretty...