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  1. Jim Boy

    Fast reindex for large site

    Following an upgrade of elasticsearch to 5.4 (the index was originally created as a 0.90) and putting in @Xon 's excellent plugins I have to do a full re-index. Anyone got any alternative methods for doing a fast re-index? With 50 million posts the normal admin system is impossibly slow - and...
  2. Jim Boy

    ImageProxy Host

    Jim Boy submitted a new resource: ImageProxy Host - Allows caching of your proxied images Read more about this resource...
  3. Jim Boy

    XF 1.5 Change host for proxy image

    we've finally decided to switch the site fully over to https, but one thing I'd like to do is change the host for proxy image saving. We are going to be using proxy images purely for the puposes of enabling SSL, but I dont really want the web servers, which are often under heavy load not to be...
  4. Jim Boy

    Scrolling overlay

    Have got an overlay going as per the standard XF overlay, but it can be bog and go below the bottom of the screen. As the overlay is fixed, you can't view the bottom of the overlay when it is like that. Anyone have a scroll ability for the overlay or similar solution?
  5. Jim Boy

    XF 1.4 brutal clean out of permissions

    Over time, our board has accumulated alot of individual based permissions. Subsequently the permissions cache has grown to around 500 MB in size. This has lead to issues of add-ons taking a long time to load, any time I update the software, I have to allow php to run scripts of 500MB in size...
  6. Jim Boy

    XF 1.4 Awww Snap - Chrome crashing

    A number of my users are complaining about Chrome (latest version) crashing when on the forum. There doesn't seem to be any other real consistency that I can detect, some people report it happening when hovering over the alerts icon or when visiting the main forum page. Its been happening over...
  7. Jim Boy

    How to setup email bouncing via a script

    Jim Boy submitted a new resource: How to setup email bouncing via a script - bypass the need to manage mailboxes Read more about this resource...
  8. Jim Boy

    Fixed XenForo_Helper_String::wholeWordTrim can go slightly over

    Not sure if this should be classed as a bug or an improvement, but the XenForo_Helper_String::wholeWordTrim doesn't take into account the bit at the end when the length is longer than the nominated value: For example if I have the following text: "a b c d e" which is 9 characters long and I...
  9. Jim Boy

    Big Forum Services on AWS

    If you have a very large forum, with multiple hardware and a thousand dollar a month spend and want to make the most out of AWS, then speak to me :)
  10. Jim Boy

    Fixed 1.3 Too many users causes forum_list to crash

    We've found out, the hard way, that in 1.3 forum_list cannot handle large number of users, unless we set our script memory limit to a higher figure. In debug mode forum_list was consuming 140MB of RAM, even after turning off any suspect add-ons and all widgits. It looks as if the culprit is...
  11. Jim Boy

    post view for guests

    I'm trying to deteremine whether posts can be viewed by guests, including when the post is in a private node: The code I have is $postmodel=XenForo_Model::create('XenForo_Model_Post'); $post = $postmodel->getPostById($postid, array( 'join' => XenForo_Model_Post::FETCH_USER |...
  12. Jim Boy

    Lack of interest Short url generator

    Was looking at the sharing options for posts, well that's nice, but half a post to twitter can be taken up by the url of the item - especially when using SEO optimisation. So I thought why not use tinyuyrl or whatever service. And while that would be great, it comes at a price, namely...
  13. Jim Boy

    Lack of interest 1.4 Bounced email handling

    I'm excited about this change, but have a suggestion. Would it be possible to have the mail submitted directly to Xenforo as an option to going through polling a mailbox? For example on another project I am working on, Postfix will submit any emails it receives to a PHP script via an alias to...
  14. Jim Boy

    Lack of interest Scalability & HA

    It's obvious that a lot of work has gone into performance on XenForo, it can really hum along, especially when you are judicious in the use of add-ons. But it hits a major road block, and that is XF doesn't really scale terribly well over numerous servers out of the box. Unless you are using a...
  15. Jim Boy

    XF 1.3 memcache and compression

    This is possibly the wrong forum, but I'll post here anyway. I'm trying to get xenforo with memcache running on hhvm but am not getting far (without memcache seems to be fine). However I get the unexpected error message, the server log has the following: ErrorException: Unable to handle...
  16. Jim Boy

    Not planned Default style selection in ACP

    Can you make the changing of the default style not so easy? We run a busy site and a couple of times an errant click of a mouse has led to the default style being changed unnoticed to something other than what it should, usually some test style which is definitely not for user consumption...
  17. Jim Boy

    Visitor variable question

    I am modifying a template that is part of a bespoke add-on that I have inherited. I'm try to use the $visitor variable, but it doesn't seem to be available. For example if I put {xen:helper dump, $visitor} into the the custom template, I get "NULL", put it into any other native template and I...
  18. Jim Boy

    XF 1.2 Missing threads for some users

    We have this problem where just from time to time, a user will report that a thread is missing from forum view. It's hard to say how widespread it is because a user may not be aware of the issue. The users concerned aren't anybody special, eg recently banned, discouraged or had any other thing...
  19. Jim Boy

    XF 1.2 Avatar cropping issue

    Our users are getting errors when changing their avatar - Fatal Error: Call to a member function thumbnailFixedShorterSide() on a non-object Yesterday at 11:14 PM - library/XenForo/Model/Avatar.php:263 Avatars are stored externally on S3. The S3 wrapper is initiated in index.php and the...
  20. Jim Boy

    XF 1.2 Spike in CPU since upgrade to 1.2

    We've only just upgraded t 1.2 in the last week, and since we have we seem to be gettting a spike everyday sometime in our afternoons which causes major problems. We run a pretty big forum, that is configured to run off multiple scaling web servers accessing an independent database, memcached...