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  1. Luciferia

    XF 1.1 Forum no longer works after uploading a new style

    I keep getting this error when trying to import or delete a style. I imported a good 19 styles without any problems. Then suddenly with this one, my internet crashed while cache's were rebuilding (I thought that wouldn't make any difference) and now everything is messed up. I can still access...
  2. Luciferia

    Background Resize based on viewers resolution?

    Does anyone know how to make it so that backgrounds resize based on what resolution the viewer is using? I made a bunch of themes at 1920x1080, and then found out a lot of my members are using really small resolutions still. I would like a way to make the backgrounds fit, without having to...
  3. Luciferia

    Guild Roster Page

    I did a search to see if I could find anything like this, if there is, I missed it. ;x Curious if anyone would be able to code a relatively simple guild Roster page. I'm wanting to add a "roster" page to my navbar, and have it similar to the Members List, but only displaying members I choose...
  4. Luciferia

    Facebook Integration Error & E-Mail Confirmation Problems

    I just installed XenForo, and we've come across two problems so far. 1.) No matter what I do, I cannot get the Facebook application to work. I tried to follow the steps shown in the XenForo manual, but the steps listed there did not match up with what the Facebook application site was showing...