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  1. Ariel Schnee

    XF 1.5 Add Link To Forum Tab

    How can I add a link to the forum tab? I know it's possible since so many addons add their own stuff under there. So I must be able to too. What I mean by 'link' is that list that appears when you hover over the 'Forum' tab. What I want to do is add one to it called 'All' that, when clicked...
  2. Ariel Schnee

    Default Style Grey

    Ariel Schnee submitted a new resource: Default Style Grey - It's the default style, but with a grey background. Read more about this resource...
  3. Ariel Schnee

    Horizontal Line Code

    Ariel Schnee submitted a new resource: Horizontal Line Code - This puts a "HR" button in the text editor. Read more about this resource...
  4. Ariel Schnee

    Remove Font Color

    Ariel Schnee submitted a new resource: Remove Font Color - This is a little add-on that removes the ability for posters to post in color. Read more about this resource...
  5. Ariel Schnee

    Ocean of Love

    Ariel Schnee submitted a new resource: Ocean of Love - A very pink, and very girly, theme. Read more about this resource...
  6. Ariel Schnee

    I Can't Download Any Add-ons

    I finally got my brother to pay for a license. I.HAVE.A.LICENSE! Yay!^_^ But... I can't download any add-ons. ... I tried but it just says "No permission to download". Why? I have license. I finally have a license. But... No can...
  7. Ariel Schnee

    Aby Plans To Make It Free Sometime?

    Since you are no longer updating, fixing, or otherwise with XenForo 1 why do you still require a license for it? If I bought a license to get XenForo 1 it would do me no good. You lot have made it clear you are no longer supporting XenForo 1. No fixes or anything. No help support either. Also...
  8. Ariel Schnee

    Can't Buy A Forum License

    My brother let me use his credit card. I tried to buy a license with it. But it didn't work. The card is good. No reason it shouldn't work. We tried another of his cards. Also a good one. It didn't work either. What is going on?
  9. Ariel Schnee

    Question About Availability

    Since I'm having trouble getting my brother to give me my birthday money, I want to if XenForo 1 is going to continue being available for awhile in the download section when buying a license? There's no point in buying a license if it won't be there anymore. Let me know, so I can know how much...
  10. Ariel Schnee

    What's With The Price Increase?

    I noticed a XenForo license is now $ 160. It used to be $ 140. What's with the price increase?
  11. Ariel Schnee

    Question About The Profile Fields

    I plan to buy XenForo 1, when I get the money. My question is about custom profile fields. I heard that XenForo 1 has a custom profile fields option. Where you can create custom fields for your forum's profiles. Is this true? I need to know this before I buy. Thanks, and have a nice...
  12. Ariel Schnee

    Not planned Suggestion: Gender

    I was looking at my Profile - Personal Details in XenForo 1, and I saw the gender choices. @@@ Gender: Male Female (unspecified) @@@ I was wondering if there is an add-on that can add more choices to this? I'm not talking about removing them. That would break too many other addons. I'm...
  13. Ariel Schnee

    Is It Still Available Now?

    Hi, it's me again!^_^ I've been away and haven't had internet access since April. Just got it back yesterday. What I'm wondering is, is XenForo 1 still available for sale? Because if it's not, there's no point in me buying a license. I HATE XenForo 2 with the passion of a thousand fiery burning...
  14. Ariel Schnee


    Is there any way to get the free demo to use XenForo 1 instead of XenForo 2? XenForo 2 looks so horrible. I prefer to use the demo in 1 instead.
  15. Ariel Schnee

    User Name

    Is there a way to change my user name on this forum now?
  16. Ariel Schnee

    Before I Buy

    I just want to know if the buying link on is for version 1.5? I think version 2 sucks pond water in the way that it looks and would prefer 1.5. Let me know.
  17. Ariel Schnee

    Looking To Hire Somebody To Install XenForo

    My birthday is later this month and I should be getting some money. I have played around with the XenForo demo a few dozen times. I like what I saw. I have decided to setup my own XenForo forum. I intend it to be used only for fanfics and such. No one will be able to upload images. If they...
  18. Ariel Schnee

    Question Before Buying Anything Now

    After talking with some people here's my plan. I have no idea what some of that means. I am clueless when it comes to this. Is there someone I can hire to set it all up for me? Note. I don't plan to do this for a few months since it will take time to raise the money.