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  1. DWJames

    XF 1.5 rss feed contains moderated threads

    Hi, it seems our RSS feed contains threads which have been identified as spam and therefore are in a 'moderated' status. Is this normal and what's the best way to stop these moderated threads from being included? thanks, James
  2. DWJames

    XF 1.5 Crawled urls not including base ref, so giving 404 errors

    Hi, I'm checking our server logs and limiting 404 errors where possible. I can see that we have several 404s that result from the url base ref not being included, so I'm wondering if I have a configuration issue or what we can do about this. So our base ref includes a forum directory -...
  3. DWJames

    XF 1.5 Full friendly URLs for inserted attachments so they end with .jpg?

    Hi, is there a trick I'm missing to get attachments in posts to have a .jpg ending? Currently we have full friendly URLs turned on, so our thread urls are like but when we have an attachment inserted into the post it's being...
  4. DWJames

    XF 1.5 120 second timeout - where is it set?

    Hi all, I'm running into issues running an image conversion process on many many threads and am getting error messages about a ErrorException: Fatal Error: Maximum execution time of 120 seconds exceeded so I've asked my host, but they assure me that on our server by which I guess they mean it's...
  5. DWJames

    XF 1.5 How to change the domain an attachment is served from?

    Hi, how can I change the domain an attachment is served up from? I'm not worried about getting it stored somewhere else, just how we reference it on the front end. I want to use the default attachment storage process, but when a page is loaded on the front end I want to call the attachments from...
  6. DWJames

    XF 1.5 Suggestions for how to create Chapters on long project threads

    Hi, Some of our project threads can go on for years as people periodically update them with their progress. Sometimes there can be breaks of months without update, then "BAM, look what I've been up to!! :)" We want users to update their existing thread rather than create a new one each time they...
  7. DWJames

    Can I give my developer access to the resources here?

    Hi, I note that my forum account is linked to our XF license, so I can access the resources here. Is there a way I can link the account of my developer so they have access too please? regards, James
  8. DWJames

    Can't purchase?

    Hi, I'm trying to buy a license including the media, resource and search addons, but I can't get past the purchase page? I add to cart, then put all my details in to create a new customer, tick the tickboxes, but when I press 'checkout now' I get a bar at the top apppear saying details saved...
  9. DWJames

    media gallery hosting on a CDN?

    Hi, is there any functionality within Media Gallery where images can set to directly get uploaded to a different server or service such as Amazon Cloudfront? Ideally I'd like to keep uploaded files off our main server if possible. thanks, James