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  1. Num7

    Lack of interest There should be more choice for ads placements within posts

    Right now, you can include ads before or after posts, but it displays that ad unit in every single post. That's a lot. Did I miss something? It would be nice if there were additional locations such as "first post", "second post", or "every 2 posts", etc. Does that make sense? Thanks.
  2. Num7

    XF 1.5 Alert when a member you follow starts a new discussion

    Hi guys, I searched for such a feature and didn't seem to find anything. Am I missing something? Is there a way to receive an alert whenever a member you follow starts a new thread? Or, would it be possible to automatically watch the threads started by the members you follow? Let me know...
  3. Num7

    XF 1.1 Include the content of a few characters HTML file.

    I'm trying to include the number which comes from the following page, into a phrase if that's possible: It would allow me to make my Chat tab look like this: Chat (4), if there are 4 people in the chat channel. If I'm not going to do...
  4. Num7

    Copy all templates from one style to another

    Hi there, Over the past months I customized my default theme and I now created a brand new one. But... all those templates I modified aren't showing up in my new theme and I know it is normal. My question is, is there a way to copy those modified/added templates from one style to another...
  5. Num7

    Add-on Official AddonChat Product

    It would be great to fully integrate AddonChat with Xenforo. There's currently an official addon for vBulletin, available on This XF add-on needs to have similar features, like an automatic authentication between your forum and...
  6. Num7

    Search Engines and User Profiles

    Ok, I didn't find anything related to this in the forum, so there it goes: I'm currently working on reviving my site, and I came to search on Google for "" in order to see what comes up first, how many results I get and such. Click here for search results. It seems that a...