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  1. rahspot

    Add-on [PAID] Auto-post content edit

    Hi! I'm currently running a PES/FIFA community, it's a player stats database mainly. First posts of every player (the ones containing the stats) are edited daily by the moderation team, and the only solution I've found to post the changes on every player thread is to write the changes in the...
  2. rahspot

    RM 2.0 Allow moderators only to download a certain resource

    Is there any way I can allow only mods/admins to download an specific resource? I don't want to restrict all the resources (I know this can be done in group permissions, but that includes all resources in the board), just one in particular. Can this be done?
  3. rahspot

    XF 1.5 MyBB to Xenforo

    Hi, I've just bought Xenforo and I have a noobie question. I'll install Xenforo 1.5.21, import Mybb and then upgrade to XF 2. My question is, should I install Xenforo in any folder? I'm guessing I shouldn't install it in the same folder as my MyBB installation (which has the website name), as...