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  1. haincha

    XF 1.2 Remove Subforums from inside forum view?

    Not sure if I properly worded that, however, I am trying to get rid of it showing subforums in a forum that has threads. So, when you click on a forum to see threads inside, I don't want to see subforums up above threads, yet don't want to remove them as subforums on the main page.
  2. haincha

    Remove "arrow" from quick reply box!

    Hey, I have been trying to get the arrow to not show up on the quick reply box only. However, all of my attempts have taken it from the posts as well... So, I am not having much luck. Anyone have a simple trick, or complicated trick, that I seem to be missing? Thanks!
  3. haincha

    NavBar Arrow CSS location

    Okay, when you hover over the arrow part of a nav item like Resources here, for a split second it changes color before it pops down the menu. What CSS value is that? I am going crazy trying to find it. I found the before, and after. Not the in between though. Between (.navTabs...
  4. haincha

    Fixed Bread crumb arrow overlaying Facebook "recommend" box.

    As the title says, I am having a pesky issue with my Facebook recommend box that the breadcrumb arrow is showing up on top of the box. z-index is 51 and 50 for a few of the inspect breadcrumb elements. I am noticing it here on this forum too. It is happening on my Mac using Mountain Lion in...
  5. haincha

    Conditional help.

    Hello, I am looking for a Conditional statement that will display an ad after the first post and the last post in the thread. But only if there is more than one post. I have it set up and working to a point. Just missing the part to not display if only one post. I am getting double leaderboard...
  6. haincha

    CSS Styling Quote Box Help

    Hello, all. I am looking for some styling help. I am fairly new to CSS, and if Inspect Element doesn't tell me exactly what template to edit, I get a little lost. But, I am using Brogan's code for putting the avatar next to the quote, but I am wanting to put it inside of a CSS chat bubble if...
  7. haincha

    Techno Nook

    Hello all, just switched to Xenforo yesterday. I was able to sell my vBulletin license to someone who didn't know vBulletin is irrelevant now. But, that all said. My website is The style is something I ported over from a vB theme I had purchased. Figured, I paid for...
  8. haincha

    Style Conversation and Post view help

    **edit** I figured it out. CSS and template issue. Sorted it.