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    Fixed Sidenav media item count wraps to new line for categories with long names

    A long category name in the XFMG sidenav causes the media item count to wrap to a new line. I've experienced this on PC in Google Chrome 84 for Windows, and on Android in Google Chrome 85. Interestingly, it doesn't happen in Samsung Internet Browser (Chrome 79, according to the user agent...
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    Fixed Article threads and forums: Minor styling underline discrepancy with replies link

    When hovering over the replies link in an article forum or thread, the space between the FA icon and text is also underlined: This is inconsistent with other instances of icon and link combinations, such as the thread start date:
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    Fixed Number box +/- buttons lack an accessible name/label

    ... and Lighthouse is unhappy about it. Adding the aria-label property to each of the two +/- buttons would address this accessibility issue :)
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    Fixed List dropdown editor button missing in XF2.2 Beta 2 (upgrade or new install)

    After upgrading a testing instance of XF 2.1.10 to XF 2.2.0 Beta 2... In the Admin CP BB code button manager, editing any of the toolbar sizes reveals a blank button with an empty tooltip, between Alignment and Paragraph format. The HTML reveals that this blank button should actually be the...
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    Duplicate Editor button with an image icon pushes down other editor buttons in the secondary toolbar

    Compare the pair: Editor buttons using images as icons also look larger compared to their Font Awesome siblings.
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    Fixed Preview editor button can be inadvertently triggered when scrolling on mobile

    In XF2.2, scrolling through a thread can inadvertently trigger the reply preview action, if the initial screen interaction starts on the preview button. If no message has been entered yet, this triggers a 'Please enter a valid message' error in an overlay. In this scenario previewing is not my...
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    Article forums: Include last reply date (for expanded display style)

    When viewing an article forum, I don't see a way to view the date of the last reply (or navigate directly to it) for a particular article thread in an article forum. The last reply date is shown on selected other pages such as the forum index or what's new, however the inconsistency feels a...
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    Implemented Change XF2.2 lightbox zoom button (back) to magnifying glass with plus/minus icon

    XF2.2's new FancyBox-powered lightbox has resulted in the zoom image button changing to a plain magnifying glass, replacing the old +/- magnifying glass. This may confuse some visitors, as the plain magnifying glass is already used by XenForo in a search context (such as search form submit...
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    Not a bug Quick Insert '+' button does not work on Android phone (Chrome)

    The new Quick Insert menu does not open on my Android-based phone. When clicking the QI '+' button, the button just disappears. Browser: Samsung Internet Browser 11 (Chrome 75) OS: Android 9 A couple of other XenForo users have flagged this issue in the Welcome to XF 2.2 HYS thread:
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    Fixed Excessive white space below items in alerts menu (in Firefox)

    In the alerts menu, there is a lot of white space at the bottom of each alert item. This was seen happening in Firefox 77. It does not occur in Google Chrome 83. Trimming the spaces (highlighted below in blue) between the </i> and </a> closing tags for the new 'Mark read' toggle appears to...
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    Username Changes - Maximum number of changes allowed

    A 'Maximum number of changes allowed' user permission could be a great addition to the recently announced XF2.2 Username Change Management system. 'Minimum time between changes' is already excellent but it could be even better with both permissions. With this suggestion implemented...
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    Fixed Custom user/thread fields AWOL in 2.1.5?

    Custom user and thread fields here on appear to have vanished, such as user field 'Other forum software used'. They're also missing on a test site that is now running 2.1.5. Affected version: 2.1.5 Related threads...
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    Fixed Templater.php fnUserActivity error icon update to Font Awesome 5

    In Templater.php fnUserActivity, the old Font Awesome 4 alias fa fa-warning is still used for showing when a user is viewing an error. In comparison, template online_list has been updated to use fa-exclamation-triangle.
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    Fixed Cannot determine visibility of XFMG\Entity\Rating (Debug mode: news_feed_macros template error)

    With debug mode enabled, a template error relating to XFMG\Entity\Rating is generated when viewing What's new -> Lastest activity. Template public:news_feed_macros: Could not determine content visibility; defaulted to true - please override (src/XF/NewsFeed/AbstractHandler.php:56) A portion of...
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    XFMG media widget type icons

    marquisite submitted a new resource: XFMG media widget type icons - Adds type icons to XFMG media slider widget. Read more about this resource...
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    Fixed Note tooltip: Button height inconsistency with icon+text and icon only buttons, in Firefox: shrinking note textarea

    Here on, XFMG's note tooltip 'Save' and 'Cancel' buttons have additional padding whereas the delete button has normal padding. The same button height/padding issue was previously fixed for XFMG image editor buttons...
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    Fixed xfmgThumbnail--noThumb placeholder image does not respect xfmgThumbnailDimensions aspect ratio

    On a private test site, I have customised XFMG 2.1's thumbnail width & height to be a 3:2 aspect ratio with the option xfmgThumbnailDimensions. The problem faced is that the placeholder image does not change to this new aspect ratio, after rebuilding media item thumbnails. There is a chance I...
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    Fixed Froala editor text color 'OK' button color is different to Insert link 'insert' button, when editorToolbarActiveColor style property is modified

    While not obvious with an unmodified default style, have noticed that the Text color popup 'OK' button changes color based on the editorToolbarActiveColor style property, while the Insert link popup 'Insert' button remains unchanged. The border radius is also different. Was this intended? I...
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    Fixed FA5 wrong icon font for xfmgThumbnail--upload on change thumbnail page

    XFMG attempts to load the upload icon from the FA5 Brands font for embedded media. This is the same kind of issue as in an earlier report for moderated/deleted icons with class .xfmgThumbnail--notVisible, except that the CSS class this time is .xfmgThumbnail--upload. The fix from last time was...
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    Fixed Missing moderator log phrases mod_log.xfmg_album_media_move_target, source

    These phrases exist in XFMG\Service\Media\Mover finalActions() and show in the moderator log when a media item is moved from or to an album. mod_log.xfmg_album_media_move_target mod_log.xfmg_album_media_move_source Also, the Mover Service declares a $targetCategory variable in finalActions()...