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  1. Justin D Salsburey

    ink'd forums

    Here they are the forums for the iphone app I'm developing. Quite a few of you may have been helping me along the way so now you can take a gander at what you've been helping with. THANKS!
  2. Justin D Salsburey


    Hey just wanted to say thanks to everyone on this forum that have been very helpful. I'm a designer, with very modest coding knowledge and I couldn't have done it without the amazing help on the forums. (y)(y)
  3. Justin D Salsburey

    Installing into a subdomain

    Hi, I'm trying to install XF forum into a subdomain hosted on godaddy. I've uploaded the upload folder, but when i go to the subdomain root nothing happens. Heres the details - this is my main site - this is the subdomain I'm trying to install to...
  4. Justin D Salsburey

    Board Title on Index

    Did some searching didn't find an answer. How do you remove the Board Title from the Forum index page, while leaving the title in your browser tab intact? Thanks!
  5. Justin D Salsburey

    Favicons from a redirect.

    My XF is hosted in the root of I'm redirecting the subdomain of via a masked forwarded subdomain. Only problem is that despite having code for a favicon in both my header and page_container of my XF install, as well as having a favicon.ico file in...
  6. Justin D Salsburey

    Add-on XenHabla Styles

    I was wondering if anyone knew a place or thread where people are sharing lightirc .css files for XenHabla, or if anyone wanted to share theirs? Thanks all!:)