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    XF 2.1 media gallery video Transcode media

    into one of my sites with xenforo2 Force transcoding of all videos, stopped to work months ago. if I remove Force transcoding of all videos, videos get accepted and added into gallery, if media format is mp4 but if I enable Force transcoding of all videos, videos don't go online and I see...
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    Add-on add extra permission to "profile posts"

    I need an extra permission to "profile posts" only profile owner can write a post on his own "profile" so the two extra permissions will be -write on his own profile -comment on someone else profile post in this way, I can customize profile as I prefer. right now, there is just " Post new...
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    MG 2.0 "Share this media" by permissions

    is it possible to enable "Share this media" by permissions, user groups?
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    XF 2 create addon dating system search page

    I need an add on to create a new node, with dating system, users can create their listing, or search by group contact me all details in private
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    create add on payment with zombaio

    any programmer available to create payment method add-on with zombaio?
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    ccbill add on

    someone can setup ccbill as biller into xenforo2? maybe using webhooks it's a payed project
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    transcoding video stopped to work xf2

    got 2 site with xenforo2 on same server in 1 site, forcing transcode video stopped to work. I can upload, but then, nothing, video are not converted, not show online
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    how to edit members page?

    I wish to edit the "members" page not only "most messages" and "most likes" but I wanna add list of members of a specific group how to do it?
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    import from smf2.0.12 to xf1.5

    I tryied to import, everything went ok but only part of avatars get imported, and zero attachments if someone can do this for me I can give you few example and urls of avatar imported, avatar no imported, and attachment
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    XF 1.5 import from smf2.0.12 to xf1.5

    I tried to import from smf2.0.12 to xf1.5 but only part of avatars imported, and zero attachments how to fix this? I don't see any error, attachment path is correct, avatar path too
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    XF 2.0 list of favourite videos and photos

    as user of my own forum, I with to create a list of list of favourite videos and photos into media gallery I mean, videos and photos that other users upload, I wish to mark them as "favourite" so I can have them in my fav folder, and watch them when I want without search for them everytime how...