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  1. LiNk

    Fixed Warnings issue. Points expire value not saved.

    Steps to reproduce: 1. Setup warning 2. Apply warning Actual result: Months instead of Days Expected result: Should be Days
  2. LiNk

    [Feature request] Conversation from profile page

    Will be implemented feature to start conversation from profile page? (for example May be adding link to start conversation with owner of profile page.
  3. LiNk

    Fixed No reaction from some buttons when edit posted message.

    At attempt to edit posted message buttons "Text color", "Font size", "Font family" and "Alligment" doesn't react for clicks. Browser: SRWare Iron ver. 26.0.1450.0 (based on Chrome) OS: Win 7 Prof 32 bit UPD: Reaction exist. But window for choose variant of size/color/family appear UNDER...