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  1. bomb2060

    Thanks to XF 2.2: Gone are the days when forums were NOT a threat in Keyword research!

    Go to YouTube right now and listen to any SEO guru (especially the bald ones :cool: ) They will tell you that when you search for your target keyword on Google and the top 3-5 results on SERP are forums, you should be happy you have found an easy to rank keyword! Here is the thing... Those...
  2. bomb2060

    Please share your review of my forum. Its a local Businesss Discussion Forum. But welcomes international posters. Site is Have been slow to pick up. Since the domain name biztalk is also a server product for microsoft. Advice on keyword optimization tricks i can use to rank...
  3. bomb2060

    XF 2.0 After Upgrading to XF2, CloudFlare is not working Please advice

    Has anyone been getting weird broken pages with CloudFlare enabled? I'm on Xen2 with CloudFlare, just after enabling CloudFlare my pages go weird... not sure if it's xf2 bug or what? Kindly but urgently advice.
  4. bomb2060

    How do i implement this on my Xenforo forum

    Hi, This is a screenshot of a forum that has an AdSense implementation that i would like to have on my forum. Please advice. How do you implement this, such that the Adsense captures images from your post? (Highlighted in red). So that when you click on them, it directs you to the forum post...
  5. bomb2060

    RM 1.2 How can i change the lable on this XenResource button?

    @Brogan Kindly assist, I want the button to read "Sign Up to download" instead of "Download not Available" For Unregistered Members. Please explain to an armature. Where i will get the CSS Style for changing that. Thank you.